Ubisoft On the Next Generation of Consoles – Get the Details

Today Ubisoft posted an extensive announcement detailing what users can expect for its cross-generation games on PS5 and the Xbox Series X/S duo.

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RazzerRedux1064d ago

Watch Dogs, Assassin's Creed, Far Cry and Immortals Fenyx Rising all launching within four months of each other? Kind of crazy. Let's hope the quality matches the quantity.

GaboonViper1063d ago

I am probably in the minority but i want Fenyx Rising the most, love Greek myth and the art style of this game, can't wait to play them all on my PS5 when i get one early next year fam, my bank account is gonna be empty.

purple1011063d ago

Just watched trailer. It's god of war for kids!

VenomUK1063d ago (Edited 1063d ago )

Watch Dogs Legion, Assassin's Creed Valhalla, Immortals Fenyx Rising and Far Cry 6 are listed for Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 as 4K 60fps.

It also says that WD on Series X "you can take full advantage of faster loading speeds for more play time, and a smoother and more powerful experience."

For PS5 it says "PS5 players can immerse themselves in the stunning open world with the power of the Tempest 3D Audio Engine to hear the environment around them, along with detailed 4K and 60 frames per second visuals, and faster loading speeds due to the additional power of the console’s ultra-high speed SSD."

neutralgamer19921063d ago


I just want their games to have some sort of variety and diversity because it seems like if you have played one of their games you have played them all. They use the same features and the same sort of gameplay for almost all their games. And I really hope now we don't have to deal with XP boosters or you have to grind by doing fetch quest mission that were thrown in there just for you to be frustrated enough to buy XP boosters

Aussiesummer1063d ago

Valhalla looks bad, I'm so pissed

1063d ago
Lilrizky1063d ago

To be fair Ubisoft haven't had a big release since... that ghost recon game maybe?

Watchdogs and Immortals were delayed from earlier this year, it's just how the chips landed.

nickanasty2061063d ago

A bit worried about Far Cry after Far Cry 5, but genuinely excited to see what Assasins Creed is like since it sounds like they are doing a hybrid of bringing it back to its roots while still keeping the RPG elements.

ziggurcat1063d ago

I'm on the fence about Watch_Dogs - first one was good, loved 2, but I'm not so sure about how they've structured this one mostly because I don't like the idea of likely not playing through the whole game as the same character. I have questions about the flow of the story if you play through a few missions as one person, die, then continue as a completely different individual.

I am excited about Valhalla, but don't like the idea of micromanaging communities. It was the worst part of Fallout 4 for me, and just about every other game that involves that kind of thing.

outsider16241063d ago

Meanwhile Sam Fisher is looking through the window crying...

No Splinter Cell this whole gen. :-(

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boing11063d ago

60fps and 4k on both consoles. Go figure.

subzero19921063d ago

4k at 60fps vs 4k and 60fps
Why the distinction? Ask Ubisoft.

porkChop1063d ago

Yeah, I thought that was weird. Like with Watch Dogs it says hardware accelerated raytracing for Series X, and just raytracing for PS5. I don't understand why each console gets different wording.

RaidenBlack1063d ago (Edited 1063d ago )

Whoa ... I didn't notice that. Now that you mentioned it ...
No mention of 4K for Watch Dogs on either platforms. Edit: But Xbox UK tweeted out few hours ago: 4K with RT for Watch Dogs Legion. https://twitter.com/xboxuk/...
For Riders Republic, Valhalla and Immortal, 4k@60fps for XSX and 4K & 60fps for PS5.
For FarCry 6, 4K & 60fps on both platforms.
Are these mistakes or deliberate?

shabz6661063d ago

That’s some digital foundry work to confirm these things

RememberThe3571063d ago

I imagine they're deliberate. PS5 will have 4K and 60fps modes the same way they've described with MM, and Series X will have 4k@60fps consistently. Not gonna be a good look for PS5 if true.

Popsicle1063d ago (Edited 1063d ago )

My guess is that they are choosing to use the word “and” as a replacement for the word “up to” because it is less obvious. This is a complete guess though and could be completely wrong. I would love to hear feedback from others who may be more in the know.

SlothLordPootus1063d ago

They worded a lot of things different between the two, and I'm guessing it's just to have a variation of wording. But yes, kind of odd.

Really they should have just had bullet points detailing the resolutions/modes for each console and then actually given details on gameplay elements of new games, ie. What differentiates Far Cry 6 from the rest of the series. Seems all we hear about from anyone is whether it's 4k/60fps instead of new systems in the games, with the exception of watch dogs legion. To me watch dogs legion is this next generations Shadow of Mordor.

DJStotty1063d ago (Edited 1063d ago )


"up-to" could have dips in frame-rate
"&" or "at" locked framerate.

Means the same thing. They have used different wording/phrases to differentiate the 2 versions from each other. But all in all, same resolution and framerate on both PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Would have been different if one was worded as "upto 60fps" and the other "at 60fps"

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Father__Merrin1063d ago

I'd imagine 2k 60fps on series s

DJStotty1063d ago

I would as well seeing as though the max res is 2K

GaboonViper1062d ago

Yeah Ubisoft have now updated the artical saying PS5 4K AT 60FPS, another Xbox fanboy myth busted.


jonivtec1063d ago (Edited 1063d ago )

Most of those game...at the exeption of Fenix rising...are copy paste of their last installment.. if you love the mecanics of those games pull the trigger...if you want something new...that push the boundaries of next gen...look somewhere else....As long as ubisoft stick to current gen console...nothing new will happen...

Tacoboto1063d ago

Over the next few months (or year even), what really will be "next gen"?

4K 60fps in an open world with minimal load times and haptic support on DualSense seems reasonable enough. Spider-Man fits that criteria too. WD Legion is 4K 30 with RT in an open world; SM also has this mode. Ratchet is dynamic 4K 30 with RT in a linear world with teleporting between environments. Demon's Souls is 4K30 or 1440p60.

Aussiesummer1063d ago

Head to heads will be interesting....or not as the case may be,
what will be interesting is what digital foundry will be able to nit pick at between XSX and PS5 if anything.
I wonder if xboxs extra power will benefit any of the games.

Spenok1062d ago

I wonder the same. The 18% boost the OG PS4 had over the OG Xbone DID allow for some minor performance gains.

With the XSX being roughly 15% more powerful, it's possible.

However, with the PS5 being significantly faster in the memory dept, I wonder if the devs will take advantage of that for loading times or asset streaming or... idk honestly. Devs have been SUPER vocal about how amazing the SSD is on the PS5. So I guess it's possible.

I have a feeling each system will have it's strengths and weaknesses.

Artemidorus1063d ago

What you can expect is, lazy sub par graphics followed by rip of limited of limited editions being overpriced and ending with more content for a large fee.

Boycott and avoid.