Mandalorian Wireless Xbox Controller Announced and It is Not Cheap

Game company Microsoft recently announced the new Mandalorian Wireless Xbox Controller and Xbox Pro Charging Stand Set.

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darthv7238d ago

Well damn... and i thought buying the sea of thieves and dark trooper ones were pricey.

But... i gotta have one.

Atom66638d ago

Price tag is balls...but it is quite a looker. Problem is it'll be limited again so no hope in a discount.

darthv7237d ago

It sold out on MS store so I had to go to the controller gear site. I preordered it as well as the gears tactics one... damn both cost me over $360 shipped. I could have bought a Series S for that. There is a squadrons one i want to get as well but I really wanted to get as well but i think its sold out already.

porkChop38d ago

I would have considered it if it was a bit cheaper, and if it was the new controller with the share button. It doesn't make sense to launch this now, especially at that price.

strayanalog38d ago

Considering a new Xbox launch is on the horizon, you would think Microsoft would at least make it an Elite controller, so no, this is not the way.

rlow138d ago

Nice promotional controller but very pricey.

jukins38d ago

More controllers than launch games...repeating past mistakes

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The story is too old to be commented.