God of War Will Run up to 60FPS With Performance Mode on PS5

Santa Monica have confirmed that God of War (PS4) will run up to 60FPS on PS5 with the performance mode selected. Additionally save transfer for both God of War (PS4) and God of War 3 Remastered will be supported.

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NeoGamer23228d ago (Edited 28d ago )

For sure this is awesome. God of War is my favorite Sony franchise! Played every God of War game to date including the remasters and on PSP! Can;t wait for the new game in 2021!

potatoseal28d ago

God Of War: Ragnarok - 2021

It's enough to make you shed a tear

bouzebbal28d ago

I'm proud for platinuming every single one of them..
60fps is worth a try.. Can't wait

NeoGamer23228d ago

OK, not God of War Betrayal. lol.

I am not that great at the genre so I have not platinumed any of the games, but I enjoy them nonetheless. I remember chains of olympus as the first game when i purchased a PSP on a 9.5 hour flight to Italy from North America. I still think that PSP was the best portable gaming device I have ever owned.

Army_of_Darkness28d ago

That's not really impressive considering how the pro can sometimes hit 60fps on performance mode... I want to see 4k mode at 60fps. The ps5 should be more than capable of that.

NealGamby28d ago

I’ve never played GOW. Maybe I should try it out.

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GamerRN28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

I want 60fps in Resolution mode though! That's what I'm holding out for. I want 4k 60 with the graphics cranked up!

I've been waiting to go back and finish this game... I just got past the part where you see the frozen giant and do all that stuff... I want to finish the story!

cell98928d ago

Whoa easy there let’s wait for the final details on resolution

soggyfalcon28d ago

No matter what Sony offers you’re going to find something negative to say.

1nsomniac28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Love this site. Last gen game only manages to hit up to 60fps on new gen console if run in performance mode.

If it’s an Xbox game it gets ripped apart. If it’s a Sony game it gets gushed over.

I agree with GamerRN I’m not interested in performance mode. This is next gen it should be 60fps in resolution mode!

smashman9828d ago

60 fps was already hit in performance mode on ps4 pro some I'm hoping the same thing.

1nsomniac28d ago

After a little reading it appears they’re not patching it at all, it’s just running as is. Therefore the games frame rates are capped so it’ll only reach what the engine lets it.

So not sure how this was even news in the first place!

Teflon0228d ago

Not really, I see alot more of the opposite now. Pretty sure it could easily run 60 in performance if it was capped at 60. They'd just have to make sure it has a mode that carried performance mode features and caps 60fps. If the game is updated for PS5 features and such and only runs 1080p60 you'll see ppl complaining. The details on resolution hasn't been out so the assumption is it'll run a good rest if it's updated

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SamTheGamer29d ago

So basically they said game will on backward compatibility mode and no next gen patch yet.

dlocsta28d ago ShowReplies(8)
darthv7229d ago

Performance mode is a must have nowadays. Since getting the enhanced systems... I cant play any other way (on games that support it)

I_am_Batman29d ago

The game already had that on PS4 Pro though. It doesn't sound like it'll take advantage of the increased processing power of the PS5 for now.

Nitrowolf228d ago

only it will be stable rather than jumping between 40to60

I_am_Batman28d ago

Hopefully. But "Up to 60 FPS" doesn't sound very stable to me. We'll see.

JEECE28d ago

If it has an unlocked framerate, it should.
I don't like the "up to 60 fps" language either, but I get the impression it is them covering themselves so that no one can take footage of it dropping to 57 in one very specific instance and then do the whole "Sony lied" thing online. Remember the idiotic, "only 100 games will be backward compatible" nonsense, and how long it took for that to die?

Zeeb28d ago

They have to say up to because sites like DF will find some scene where it drops to 59 fps then call Sony liars because it's not 60 110% of the time,

Like they did with Uncharted 4 where they used one scene in the marketplace where the frame rate dropped to make it seem like the whole game had a frame rate issue.

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FanboySpotter28d ago

The wording is bothering me. "Up to" ig that's fair since it's not ps5 optimized and only bc.

JEECE28d ago

Feels like insurance against twitter trolls to me. Because if they say it plays at 60 fps locked, even if that's true 99.99 percent of the time, some nub will record it dropping slightly once, then make a big deal about it.

I_am_Batman28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

If it's 99.99% running at 60fps, that's for all intends and purposes as good as locked 60fps. That's generally accepted and I can't remember an example where framedrops this rare ever caused any backlash. I don't think they are worried about a vocal minority of console warriors making a fool of themselves, by claiming otherwise.

I think it's much more likely that they have to lower clocks to guarantee compatibility, which causes it to perform similarly to the PS4 Pro. Another possibility I can think of is that it runs at 60fps boosted most of the time, but some big enough chunks of the game experience framedrops due to some very specific low-level optimisation that is harder for the PS5 hardware to emulate.

It's all speculation though and hopefully we'll find out before launch when the embargo for backwards compatibility lifts.

RonsonPL28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Don't be worried. Be certain
that there's no stable 60fps mode :( if they use words like this. This means it wobbles and is 60fps at times and it's not at times. If we talk about a PS4 game, this is absolutely horrible news.
There's 0,00001% chance it means 60fps 99,9999% and a drop for half a second once per game walkthrough, but first, it's so unlikely I'd say it's impossible, and secondly, if it means drops even in certain rare scenarios like some alpha effects in exlosions (I know, it's God of War. Just using an example) and stable 60fps otherwise, it's still a very bad news, cause it means either the devs are stupid or PS5 doesn't have the power to even run PS4 games at doubled framerate. The stupid dev scenario would require them to go for locked 1440p res or something significantly higher than PS4pro in performance mode, possibly with some unnecesary additional details or quality settings. PS5 should be able to maintain rock solid 60fps in GoW at 1440p. Now I'm scared it's too slow for that.
Backward compatibility mode doesn't matter much as it's like playing the PC game on a faster PC with a different CPU architecture. In the end, you either have the power needed, or you don't.

This also means there will be no rock solid 60fps mode for God Of War 2 or the GoW 2 won't be designed with PS5 in mind. If it's designed around PS4's limits, then it's not totally impossible but uncertain at least.

RonsonPL28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

About the performance:
There's a question of how fast the train goes vs. how many waggons it can pull. PS5 optimizations might help adding some stuff but not necessarily allow to process the same amount of objects faster. Even x360 -> Xone meant easy 60fps ports of pastgen games with significant improvements. Now it's not clear by now if we'll even get the same between PS4->PS5 and PS4->Xbox X generation jump.
Whatever the GoW 3 on PS5 will be, I don't think there are any chances for rock solid 60fps mode in that either, especially when raytracing will leave gaps if turned on, if there are not assets prepared for non-Rt lighting. GoW 3 will be PS5 only.
This is a very stupid and it's yet another step in wrong direction in my opinion as I preferred Gow 1-3 60fps and action focused gameplay rather than all that cinematic and narrative stuff which meant a regression in terms of gameplay. Simply put, GoW PS4 is less fun to play than PS2 and PS3 games were for me. By far. It was a Slasher. First they changed it into a TPP game, then poisoned the gameplay even more by abandoning 60fps gameplay (to be fair, I was already disappointed with drops in GoW 3 on PS3, but at least that was default (and only) mode and the game kept 60fps in many places allowing at least to get the feeling and "wow" factor coming with 60fps. And of course the gameplay mechanics were designed around it too, allowing for more variety and more enjoyable gameplay mechanics and visuals.

Sad to see the once great game series ending up like this. I'm sick and tired of "narrative is the only thing that matters!" approach. I wasn't a fan of ND, Insomiac, Sucker Punch, Sony Santa Monica, back in PS2 era because I cared about the stories. I was yelling "those guys are the best!" whenever I played their games because they were super fun to play, with gameplay being the priority, a game made by gamers for gamers. Not by some people who'd rather be in Hollywood, telling stories and who think movies and stories are a higher culture than gaming, who think they are so much better when they make cinematic experiences. And about the last part, "for gamers", it's probably why this comment will get 100 disagree score, but modern gamers often are not aware of what a gameplay oriented game can be, if done by one of those "best of the best" studios. It's because there are almost no such games nowadays. Even my peers tend to forget. PS2 was released 20 years ago.
Just look how many people were surprised how fun DMC 5 is to play.
But you won't get the praise on Twatter if you're just that guy who makes games (you know, that entertainment for nerds). You will get it if your game is reviewed like a movie. What is the character development, what's the story, what quality the narrative and screenplay is. Then you are above that silly gaming stuff. Now you are a serious artist. You are above. You are among those Hollywood hot shots.

Sadly many gamers love movies so much they don't even realize when they're getting robbed from gameplay. Then you see all the high scores for mediocre gameplay games, and 10/10 for GoW even despite the fact its gameplay is not even at 80% of what it could be if the game was focused on it. Yes. I dare to say it: GoW gameplay score is 7/10 or even lower. Same goes for TloU 2, Detroit: Become Human and many others.
None of those games hit that top level of quality for gameplay and fun factor. And just look how it looked back in PS2 era.
ALL of the "god tier" devs delivered gameplay for 9/10 and 10/10. ALL of them.
Now none.
60fps on PS2 vs 30fps on PS4/5 accidentally overlaps with these differences.

MrNinosan28d ago

This must’ve been the most silly trollpost I’ve seen on n4g, and that is on a site filled with trolls.

Write a diary about something you like instead man. That might help you get sane.

RonsonPL28d ago (Edited 28d ago )


OK, Let's take the situation apart.

1. Who presented arguments and an subjective opinion everyone is entitled to?
2. Who wrote a pointless comment just to insult and express disagreement as if the downvote button was not named "disagree"?

Now. Tell me, but honestly. Who's the troll here?

I'm too old for this, seriously. Give me an argument or buzz off.

Harryvok28d ago

Performance mode in the original had frame rates up to 60fps (that was the cap), but generally hovered around 45fps. 4K mode was locked at a 30fps cap, although it did dip of course. This game isn't getting a patch that changes the modes or resolutions, it's just running in BC mode with the performance mode going up to 60fps and 4K LOCKED to 30fps cap, just as in the original game. It isn't a reflection on the performance of the PS5 at all. It's just running the game as it always way in BC mode with the extra power pushing the performance mode up to its 60fps cap.

Also 'up to' makes sense. It will undoubtedly drop a couple frames here and there. Xbox 360 and Xbox One games with a 60fps cap are still dropping frames here and there in BC mode on the Series X. You're not going to notice a few frames here and there at 60fps.

RonsonPL28d ago (Edited 28d ago )


""Also 'up to' makes sense.""

PS4pro was around 40fps as you mentioned. That's just +50% more raw power required. I understand what you're saying about the compatibility mode, but I disagree. it's not a full emulation, where you could actually make a very valid point that improving the performance by 50% might actually require much more because of the fact you're emulating things.
PS4 had x86 CPU cores and Radeon GCN architecture. PS5 has x86 CPU and a Radeon.
We'll disagree on what you can extrapolate from this, and I cannot be certain either as there's not enough information available yet, but I understand


""You're not going to notice a few frames here and there at 60fps.""

That's both 100% true and 100% false. Objectively this is both.

Depends on which display type you're using for gaming and then up to what are your priorities. If you can endure the horrible flicker but you simply are not interested in playing games with broken motion reproduction, then you'll not only notice instantly even drops to 57fps, but the the experience of playing the game will be significantly degraded. It's not possible to explain this without actually showing the game in properly working motion-friendly mode, so maybe this changes your mind and if not, at least makes you willing to allow other points of view as equal and valid: If the flicker is so bad in 60Hz mode, imagine how awesome are the benefits if some people are willing to suffer playing with it.
(and I suffered it gladly while playing God of War on PS2)

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SmokinAces28d ago

I think people are taking the wording out of context, it just means its select-able up to that number. I'll give you an analogy to hopefully help it make better sense. Say you get in an elevator of a sixty story building, you can choose to go to the thirtieth floor or you can go to the sixtieth floor, if you choose to go "UP TO" the sixtieth floor it doesn't mean you're going to go to the fifty fifth floor and then back down to the fiftieth and then up to the fifty eighth and so on. I dont believe the term implies fluctuation it just represents the highest choice you can go "UP TO". That's just my two cents hope it makes sense, guess we'll just have to wait and see though if that's the case.

UnHoly_One28d ago


That's a bunch of crap.

It means it runs at 60, but not all the time. That is the ONLY reason to add those words in.

Now it could be that it might hit 59 a couple rare instances, or it could mean that it is mostly 45, but peaks at 60 occasionally, or anywhere in between.

The core of the phrase is that it is absolutely not perfectly locked at 60 at all times.

RonsonPL28d ago

No. When the game runs at 60, it runs at 60.
When it struggles more often than rare and occasional stuff, like explosions or one boss fight per 20 hour gameplay, then it's called up to 60

Historically, looking at PS4 generation, up to means anything between "almost never" to "a bit" through "half of the time or a bit more than half".

Examples of up to 60fps which were totally NOT 60fps: Tomb Raider (the first new one on PS4). It was up to, but was nowhere near the experience you get from stable 60.
I never ever saw anyone complaining for calling it 60fps when you get a drop once per 5 hours. I call PS2 God Of War game 60fps. This one had some rare drops as well.
Up to means NOT stable 60. Period.

SmokinAces27d ago


I appreciate your opinion and point of view, I dont appreciate the "bunch of crap" comment, I have no issue with a counter point but it would be nice if it didn't require the hostility. We dont know if that's the only reason for those words, we truly won't know it until an official analysis is done and in the end you might be right but it could very well be a stable and locked 60fps experience as well and that's what I believe it will be and I was just trying to give an analogy as to why I felt that way.

Happy gaming friend.