Genshin Impact Astrologist Mona Character Trailer Released

Game studio miHoYo just released a brand new character trailer for popular free-to-play video game Genshin Impact featuring the astrologist Mona.

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Sonyslave329d ago

Just beat it smh this getting a pass for having little to no content at all but Avengers is getting killed.

blackblades27d ago

Its a gatcha game, to be continued and updated over time. Guess you never played a f2p game before and you dont understand how it works.

rdgneoz327d ago (Edited 27d ago )

Avengers was a $60 game that released with overpriced microtransactions and was buggy as hell, let alone a bare bones end game... Also, the first new character has been delayed over a month now into December...

This game is free and has very few bugs. It's just a 'gacha' game that you can get new characters and gear or level up faster if you feel like spending the money. But you dont have to s poo end a dime if you take your time. Big difference.