Sony's Not-So Secret New First-Party Studio Adds More Naughty Dog Talent

Uncharted endeavour.
It’s probably the worst kept secret in the industry at the moment, but Sony has a new first-party team based in San Diego, and it’s expected to be working on the Uncharted franchise.

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purple101835d ago (Edited 835d ago )

Basically says there is New sony studio in San Diego making a Uncharted game.

Marcello835d ago

I thought Uncharted was done? I saw the ending of U4, it was quite conclusive or am i missing something?

835d ago
isarai835d ago

It was the end for drake, but it seemed pretty clear they were suggesting that the rest of the crew was still in the game. Hell it ended with Sam and Sully going on an adventure, then there's the possibility of playing as Nate's Daughter, or any other crew member like lost Legacy.

Profchaos835d ago

Uncharted 3 really sealed the stories end also but then we got 4.

I'm still excited even if it doesn't make sense but it could be a story based on Nate's brother and Sulley who knows

JonTheGod835d ago

You do realise that there has already been an Uncharted game after U4, right? The Lost Legacy has proven the franchise can continue after Nathan Drake; maybe following his brother, his daughter, or a new set of characters.

warriorcase835d ago

Possibly a Cassie story or Sam and Scully's adventure

834d ago
TheEnigma313834d ago

Drake may be gone. Uncharted has many characters besides Nathan

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lifeisgamesok835d ago

Yep and a former Naughty Dog is leading this new studio his name is Quentin Cobb

isarai835d ago

I hope we here something soon, the anticipation is killing me

Lore835d ago

I personally believe they’re fooling everyone and this is for a new Jak & Daxter reboot. The anticipation is real!

Eonjay834d ago

Or maybe it's Savage Starlight

Joshua13835d ago

First the Malaysia Studio, now San Diego. Looking forward for what's gonna happen next. If the multiplayer is coming back, then please make it more like Uncharted 2's.

Christopher835d ago

The San Diego studio has been building for over two years now.

-Foxtrot834d ago

Uncharted 2s multiplayer would be amazing but I can't see them every doing it

I just feel studios don't have the balls to make a bare bones multiplayer game which relies on skill over all the gimmicks you've unlocked. Less is more at the end of the day.

We should all start the map with the basic weapons, and any upgrades we can find on the map. The main thing they need to change though is have the good guns appear in random locations each spawn so everyone doesn't hang around them or rush to them at the start of the game.

Uncharted 2s multiplayer was just so balanced compared to other games out there, it's a shame they ruined it with Uncharted 3 and Uncharted 4s online.

Viking_mo835d ago

I hope not. You can't keep letting a franchise go on forever. At some point you gotta let it end. The platinum trophy was called One last time.

badz149835d ago

"You can't keep letting a franchise go on forever"

Nintendo: Is that like a personal attack or something?

anast835d ago

Yeah, I was thinking the same. lol He/she must really hate Nintendo.

Rainbowcookie834d ago

You my sir/mam won the internet today

ziggurcat835d ago

"The platinum trophy was called One last time."

For Drake.

Uncharted could be expanded to other characters along the lines of Lost legacy.

S2Killinit835d ago

Not Uncharted. I dont feel tired of this series. I want ti explore new mysterious locations.

Starman69835d ago

Well tomb raider went on alot longer!! And I'm finding it difficult to let go after the death of that!

Noskypeno834d ago

Tomb raider is like Batman or James Bond. Every few years it's a completely new universe reimagined and doesn't need to follow any continuation from the previous work. Could they make a new Uncharted game and follow a young Drake where in this game he might have long blonde hair instead of the short brown hair that he always has?

834d ago
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ziggurcat835d ago

Just because Naughty Dog devs are moving to this studio doesn't mean that the project is an Uncharted game.

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