Popular Modder Claims Demon’s Souls on PS5 Does Not Include The 6th Archstone

'There's no extra content in Demon's Souls."


Changed the title to better characterize this situation. Having "Report" in the title when this is a "rumor" by N4G standards confuses the audience.
- coolbeans

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UnSelf885d ago

Bob Birch: “Exactly, Doug. F*ck.”

oldenjon885d ago

I don’t know why anyone actually expected this!? The only way there would be a 6th arch stone is a collaboration with FROM which the base game was not. Might be in the works if sales are good, but seems like a pipe dream to me.

MajorLazer885d ago

Yep. Without FROM it wouldn't be authentic.

885d ago
Lore885d ago (Edited 885d ago )

That along with no Physical Collector’s Edition goes to show how out of touch Sony is on the franchise.

phoenixwing885d ago (Edited 885d ago )

how dare they release a remake of a game the way the original developers intended *rolls eyes* and let's be honest people would have complained either way. The purists would have said it doesn't fit right because from software wouldn't have added it and people like you are complaining right now even though the whole game is made from scratch pretty much.

Lore885d ago

Purist didn’t mind when Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition added a complete new area with hours of content. Purists could just play the game as intended and were not forced to play the new episide

Rocketisleague885d ago (Edited 885d ago )

So which is it? A purist game or a game made from scratch? Make up your mind?

You have people on this site claiming it's a remake. I forgot how delusional fanboys are

SmokinAces885d ago (Edited 885d ago )

Bluepoint Games choice in how they present the game doesn't translate into Sony being "out of touch". Beyond that at this point its little more than an unsubstantiated rumor anyway.

RazzerRedux885d ago

Not adding content that never existed in a "remake" of a game demonstrates how "out of touch" Sony is as far as Demon Souls? Really?

AriesBear885d ago

A shot for shot remake is what I feared. Really was hoping they expanded on it as prior players played it to death. Hoping the reviews are good. When I saw the trailer I was disappointed it was too similar.

porkChop885d ago

Have their other remakes been more than 1:1?

LightningMonkey885d ago


Yes: See the added content of Shadow of the Colossus.

I'm getting it either way, that was just to answer your question.

solideagle885d ago (Edited 885d ago )

New Additions (IGN):

Unlike the PS3 version, the PS4 Remaster adds a few new features that were not present in earlier versions.

A New Statistics screen to see every milestone from distance traveled number of Colossi defeated.
A Filter mode that allows you to play in different visual filters and choose brightness and film grain.
See every Easter Egg we've found so far.
A new gallery of comparison pictures between the original and PS4 Remake.
New collectible glowing gold Hidden Coins - purpose currently unknown.
As of the PS3 version, you can no longer perform the diagonal jump exploit allowing you to climb to the "secret garden." This fix remains in the PS4 version, meaning you have to use regular stamina to climb (and beat the game 4 times to grow it to that point).

I don't see any new content in Shadow of Colossus which is in game new bosses etc...not sure where did you get "Yes: See the added content of Shadow of the Colossus". There are some collectibles/filters etc but nothing new.

LightningMonkey885d ago

@ Solid Eagle that was all added content and thus not a 1:1 port which is what he asked.

They also added a special easter egg for long time conspiracy theorists of the game (those added collectibles had to do with it) you can search for that if you want its quite cool.

They didn't add new bosses or anything but it still wasn't a 1:1 port, not sure where I made it seem like they added new collsi.

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gintoki777885d ago

There are many people who didnt play demons souls. The fanbase has expanded greatly since then.

AFKghost885d ago

glad most people dont think like you ! that would be horrible if they did what you wanted !

Rocketisleague885d ago (Edited 885d ago )

It's unfortunate, at least a it's a good game, just very outraged by the rest of from softs creations. Dark souls outdid it immediately, let alone bloodborne and sekiro

No worries I'm sure from soft are working on something new

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GreatSako2020885d ago

Demon's Souls is much much better than Dark Souls.

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SinisterKieran885d ago

you mean you were afraid of it being exaclty what they said it is? a remake?

RazzerRedux885d ago

"A shot for shot remake is what I feared."

You'll never make everyone happy when it comes to things like this. Some want it exactly as it was. Some want new content.

CorndogBurglar885d ago

Exactly. Just look how polarizing Final Fantasy 7 Remake was. Some people wanted basically the same game with updated graphics, and some people were happy with what we got.

I prefer remakes to be as close to the original as possible.

Bobertt885d ago

While some remakes do add new content that is usually only if the original developer is the one doing it. They know what they originally envisioned when they made it and can add cut content but if a separate studio is doing it they won't have that and will make it updated but as close to the original as they can.

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The_Sage885d ago (Edited 885d ago )

This is just a rumor from a guy that mods games. He has no connection to the development of the game.

Lore885d ago

Review copies are out, he more than likely is with someone under NDA and was able to pick the files apart. He was not given a code and therefore is under no NDA

warriorcase885d ago (Edited 885d ago )

An article based on a reddit post based on a single statement from a discord chat with no context.
Seems the author is really digging through the weeds to make a story here. Until officially confirmed it should still very much be taken as rumor.

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