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GamerKnights did a full in depth review of the new strategy/visual novel "13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim" from developer Vanillaware.


"13 Sentinels: Developer Vanillaware are one of the most fascinating, exciting companies in the Japanese games industry. Each of their absolutely gorgeous games are wildly different to one another, familiar only in the style they’re drenched in whilst boldly striking out in all other regards. Their latest darling, 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim, is a brave amalgam of sci-fi, steeped in Japanese cinema and dripping with golden-age mecha anime vibes whilst delivering something starkly unique. The only problem with such a gem is that it’s a difficult beast to sell without giving the game away."

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P_Bomb38d ago

Should wrap it up this week (got distracted by GoT: Legends). All the protagonists are surprisingly well developed considering their number. Add several twists, it’s a wonder George Kamitani kept it all straight.

Sinemetsu38d ago

Couldn't agree more! That was the easiest 47 hours I've spent with a game (meaning it was just that engaging to play) in a very, very long time, not to mention an easy Platinum. I was absolutely glued to it from start to finish.