Six new Huxley screenshots

Today Webzen revealed six new images of their upcoming massive multiplayer online game Huxley for Xbox 360 and PC. The screenshots are for the PC version, but expect the 360 version to look just as good.

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ryanjtravis4902d ago

Now does anyone have any idea when this is supposed to release?

FordGTGuy4902d ago

but its starting to look very nice now!

headblackman4902d ago

this game is on my must have list. I LOVE MY XBOX360

dissectionalrr4901d ago

that looks almost as good as gears of war as far as geometry goes. the textures are rough but it's early on so that's to be expected. seems like every xbox 360 game coming out this year looks close to or just as good as gears of war. this year is going be awesome.

FirstknighT4901d ago

Those screenshots look impressive! Gorgeous graphics with 5000 players battling it out online? Thats intense! Sign me up!

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