PS5 1440p Resolution Support Might Be In, According to Benq

Benq has recently suggested that PS5 1440p resolution support might be in after all, despite Sony not saying anything about it.

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Doge39d ago

God I really hope this is true. Even though I game primarily on a 4K monitor, I would happily downgrade to 1440p at my desk since 4K really isn’t worth it on a 27” screen.

itsmebryan37d ago

Am I missing something I thought already said Demon Souls runs [email protected] and [email protected] on Ps5. I'm confused by the question of 1440p support. Am I missing something?

Si-Fly37d ago

Yeah, basically what we’re asking for is native output of 1440p. The PS4 Pro never got this, fingers crossed Sony give it to us for the PS5!

Guyfamily99937d ago

So there's a difference between the resolution a game runs at and the resolution a console can natively output. Lots of games ran at 1440p on the PS4 Pro, but it could only output 4K or 1080p/lower. Connected to a 1440p monitor, a game might run at 4K, but then get downsampled to a 1080p output on a 1440p monitor. This looks worse than 1080p on a 1080p display too, since it's relying on the monitor to imperfectly scale the image. So basically, 1440p support on PS5 would mean about double the image fidelity on 1440p monitors. This is especially important since 4K high refresh monitors are stupid expensive but there are plenty of well priced 1440p high refresh monitors.

Obscure_Observer37d ago

"Am I missing something I thought already said Demon Souls runs [email protected] and [email protected] on Ps5."

Had my comment marked as "Inappropriate" for stating the exact same thing:

Some people will just call out DF for lazy/sh!t analysis for things they don´t to hear, rather than question Sony/Bluepoint on the matter. Smh

Neonridr37d ago

sitting that close wouldn't be that bad for 4K on a 27" screen to be honest. It's the people that get TV's less than 55" and sit like 10 feet away from it. That is useless for the eyes.

alexa694137d ago

I get paid over $90 per hour working from home with 2 kids at home. I never thought I'd be able to do it but my best friend earns over 10k a month doing this and she convinced me to try. The potential with this is endless. Heres what I've been doing,


CrimsonIdol37d ago

There's a very real and tangible difference between playing games at native 4K compared to 1440p on a 4K monitor, to me at least (I too have a 27" 4K). But I also agree that 1440 is the far more sane option for gaming. And 1440p on a 1440p monitor looks great, not to mention how much cheaper it is to hit that mark with high refresh rates and all that. 1440p output support on the PS5 seems like a total no brainer.

Ju37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

The question remains, if developers will support it. Freesync for 60+ at 1440p would be wonderful. Even if it never hits 120 but always exceed 60 - with a fidelity which can be better than 4k. But it adds another render (and performance) target for developers; now they have 3, 1080p, 4k and an additional 1440p. All those would need to go through performance testing. Maybe it would be as easy as simply take the 4k target @30, render at 1440p and make it unlocked. But what if it just can't hit the 60fps there? So, quite some more additional work to optimize for that target. Unless people can accept a VRR which dips below 60fps at times.

CrimsonIdol37d ago

Agree. It's another setup that would have to be accounted for if it were done natively (1440p internal to 1440p output). Though surely it could be a developer opt-in type scenario where if they aren't accounting for that resolution it simply does some hardware downscaling from 4K. Though, just typing that out and reading it to myself, it sounds fairly unlikely most devs are going to waste too much resources on 1440p. But I imagine there are going to be loads of games this generation that still end up at an 2560x1440p internal resolution anyway (since it seems to be the new resolution performance sweet spot) and for those games it's surely going to be cheaper on performance to output direct to that resolution anyway than upscaling then downscaling again to hit that mark, so if they're hitting their performance marks at the 4K output they can feel relatively safe that 1440p is going to perform at least as well in those instances at least.

Ju37d ago

Absolutely. I mean, there are 1440p already. Can scale both ways, 4K upscale or super sample down to 1440p. Might have been a reason why some games have been shown in 1440p (but also at less then 60fps, UE5 or Daemon Souls @ 60). I don't. I agree with brute force 4k is less appealing to me than high detail 1440p. I run some games on my PC 1440p upscaled to 4k and they look gorgeous.

esemce36d ago

Yeah I'd take 1440/1800p upscaled to 4k at 60 fps over 4k/30 anyday.

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Games1st38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

"you may want to consider a good QHD gaming monitor, as 1440p will be supported by the PS5 with a higher likelihood of 120Hz in that resolution."

It would be weird not to have it.

nickanasty20637d ago

I bet it is on a per developer basis game wise for getting higher performance with 1440p. My guess is that the game will run the same and they will just downsample 4K res. Hope that is not the case, but its currently what they do with the PS4 Pro when people use a FHD TV.

Ju37d ago

This has nothing to do with that. Technically, they can do 1440p now and (HW) scale it to 4k. But this would mean bypassing that scaler. I vote for more 1440p support, tbh. Is a really good resolution for high detail high frame rate especially on the next gen console.

nickanasty20637d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Completely agree. I want it supported, I just hope the extra performance comes along with it. Without the performance gain, its a moot point.

Nodoze37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

200% better in black. White it looks awful and that cheap gloss plastic does not help. In this image that plastic is matte not gloss and it greatly improves the look of the machine. Whoever decided to change this to gloss needs to be fired.

SullysCigar37d ago

You know you can change the faceplates, right? And vinyl wrap the middle if you really want. I don't think anyone needs firing because you prefer matte to gloss.

I had a matte black BMW a few years ago, I didn't bay for the blood of the guy that decided it wouldn't be a standard option from the dealership lol

potatoseal37d ago

HEY. There is a see-through platic film over the middle black part when you get the ps5. You can peel this off

UnHoly_One37d ago

Came in here just to say the same thing.

Can you buy a black one now? Because this is 1000x better than the ugly "sandwich on white bread" look that I have seen before.

TheScotsman37d ago

But black is great but so last gen, whites awesome but me personally am going grey like the original ps1.. just gotta wait for someone to do it, to be really honest I'd like the transparent blue like on the 500 million console and some gold wrap for the centre

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SickSinceSix37d ago

I was disappointed the 4 Pro wouldn't do 1440p, especially since some games like Uncharted 4 on Pro were upscaled from 1440p to 4k.

Still, unless a game can do more than 60fps I'll probably stick to my 4k tv.

lonewolf1037d ago

Me too, I got a One X as that did 1440p, PS 4 Pro 1080 or 4k only. I hope BenQ are right on this.

BQ3236d ago

same here, I wanted to switch my pro from my tv to my ultrawide 1440p monitor to improve input lag, but going from 4k hdr to 1080 on a screen not really made for that resolution was a huge drop in visuals. I was really sour about them not including that display setting and ended up gaming a lot more on my X because of it.

Ju37d ago

Ya, well, that up scale to 4k didn't cost much. It is, if we talk VRR (Freesync) on a 1440p 144Hz screen where this could shine. The PS4 Pro would not have made this run at 60fps, no matter if it would have been "just" 1440p.

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