Halo Infinite: Microsoft Responds To Microtransaction Concerns Regarding New "Coating" System

Developer 343 Industries recently announced that weapon, vehicle, and player skins in Halo Infinite will be called "coatings," and immediately, people expressed concerns about microtransactions.

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spicelicka90d ago

As someone who can't give more of a f*** about color coatings and cosmetics I'm glad any multiplayer concerns are about cosmetics and not about MTX affecting gameplay. The last we need in Halo is for it to turn into COD where you can just pay to have a better gun.

rpvenom90d ago

the game isn't out yet.. you never know with these things.. they gotta make up that $7.5B buyout somewhere.. Let's hope they keep it cosmetics only.

CaptainHenry91690d ago (Edited 90d ago )

"Will there be purchases? Sure."

Yup they definitely gotta make up that 7.5B. I expect microtransactions, cosmetics, gaas, for all future titles

Atom66690d ago

They don't have to "make up" squat.

The reason they had (and still have) 130billion+ cash on hand is mostly due to trying to save on taxes.

They clear out a small bit of that cash with this deal. Emphasis on SMALL BIT.

7.5b spent doesn't even register to them. It certainly doesn't make them think, oh well, better increase those Halo MTXs.

ocelot0790d ago

Since when has cod sold better guns via MT?

spicelicka89d ago

Can you not buy weapon blueprints? Can you not pay to unlock better guns faster?

ocelot0789d ago

you can buy weapon blue prints yes but they don't give you exclusive attachments other than cosmetic looks. Like tracers and paint and stuff. All attachments are unlocked simply by using what ever weapon you want.

There are a handful of weapons that require to do a few things. Like the crossbow. I think it's get 6 kills in one game with a marksman rifle 25 times. That's noting that is what 2 hours of gameplay? Or you can buy a blue print for it to unlock the crossbow.

FanboySpotter90d ago

Not MS. 343. 343 already said skins can be unlocked like in mcc. Ofcourse they can be purchased as well though like they said with h5- that impatient people exist and that's what they are there for. People keep acting like 343 said "skins can only be bought oops if you want it pay for it"

Eamon89d ago

Depends on the amount of grind. Some companies (EA/Ubi/Acti) deliberately lock cosmetics behind insane grinding in order to incentivize you to buy it.

I do miss the old days of unlockable content free from monetization.

blitzburns490d ago (Edited 90d ago )

Why are there so many fanboys defending 343 on this, when Halo has literally never had microtransactions part of its identity in the entire 20-year history of its existence.

Rachel_Alucard89d ago

Not like there's anything left to defend after all the other red flags.

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Rachel_Alucard89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

As long as Bonnie Ross is in charge I don't trust it. You are also assuming getting rid of Prometheans was a fan request as was the other things, and the Halo 3 writer only just joined a couple months ago. I don't know what sites you frequent, but I've only seen disdain at the artstyle. Everything looks bland and uninspired. Too late to change anything.

You are also leaving out the development hell and lack of any competent leadership as exposed from the glassdoor reviews. To say this game is a green flag is just being an ignorant fanboy who can't take criticism on anything they like.

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Rachel_Alucard88d ago

I called you a fanboy because you are replying to everyone dismissing the game. I don't need to add beyond that, ignoring the essay you just replied with.

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spicelicka89d ago

Halo has also never been free to play in its existence. Things like these come with the decision to go free to play. If anything we should be complaining about that decision, but that's not going to change now.

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