Will indies like Among Us overshadow AAA titles in 2021?

This year has been filled with indie hits that have taken the world by storm, proving that you don’t need AAA games to draw in a huge player base. Among Us, Fall Guys, and Phasmophobia are all proof that as long as you have a strong vision, decent execution, and low barrier of entry, your game can dominate. With that said, could a game like Among Us be a bigger hit than Cyberpunk 2077 next year?

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BlackIceJoe39d ago

I think indie games like Among Us can and will do really well, but I want to see more of these games come out on consoles.

If they do, then I can see them doing better than a lot of AAA games.

TheIntern39d ago

i have a slight disagreement with that. I think people really get consoles for AAA exclusives like Halo and Ghost Of Tsushima, God Of War and heavy multiplayer stuff like FIFA and COD (I hate these two titles, but thats where i think the market is). Games like Fall guys and Among Us would do really well on PC and mobile because of the sheer accessibility

arkard39d ago

Id love to see some small budget games take some risks and innovate and do well. Instead of the majority of AAA games that are based off consumer surveys and what they think will make millions of dollars.

Scale back the budgets and expectations and make games FUN again.

jznrpg39d ago

For casuals yes for sure . For me they won’t . I play Among Us with my daughter which is fun for a little bit but besides playing with my child the game loses its appeal really fast. I never thought once I should go play without my daughter . It just doesn’t offer much and too simple for my taste . It’s a good game for kids

Iltapalanyymi39d ago

i dont think so, its just another flavor of the month game

King_Noctis38d ago

Indie games (beside a few big ones like Hollow Knight) tend to lose their popularity really quick compared to AAA game imo.

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The story is too old to be commented.