Google is Preparing Stadia for Black Friday Sales

PS: If you’ve got a bit of cash sat aside for some games, it might go further than you think, providing you can keep yourself from spending anything until Black Friday 2020.

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Freezedried7239d ago

Nice to see some Stadia coverage on here!

Bender650238d ago

I like football stadia, visited many in my time. Don't understand why there are so few comments.

Unknown_Gamer579438d ago

Lulz. They can’t give away this PoS.

FPSFox38d ago

This platform is beyond dead.


Idk. On the one hand I feel like stadia is an overpriced scam, but on the other hand I feel for the users who invested in it upfront. They deserve support too.

TheEnigma31338d ago

the supporters duped themselves thinking this thing would succeed

chrish199038d ago

It has succeeded. I play it more than the PS4/Xbox One because it's easy. Maybe give it a go?

NeoGamer23238d ago

To me Stadia is a perfectly fine idea. But, it should not be the primary way to play. And I really don't like paying for the service then also paying for games.

This is where MS really has it right with GamePass. You play by downloading to your console or PC as the primary method to play.... Then you can play using the cloud system as a secondary method to play. You don't have to buy games. It is a service that encompasses XBL, xCloud, and Games.

chrish199037d ago

FYI - you don't pay for the service. It's free. They're giving you a free cloud console - you just need to buy the games. Or, sub for a tenner a month and get whatever freebies they dish out every month/buy whatever you want. I'd call it better value than PS Plus in that respect, but far behind Gamepass Ultimate.

NeoGamer23237d ago

You also need pro for 4K surround sound

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The story is too old to be commented.