Gears 5 Trailer Is All About Dave Batista as Marcus Fenix

Today Microsoft and The Coalition released another new trailer of Gears 5 featuring the upcoming update.

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deadfrag39d ago

No,pls let Marcus Fenix face i don't need a change.

RememberThe35738d ago

Wait so is Batista the new face or just the voice actor? That was more confusing than anything.

boing139d ago

Dave Bautista. Batista is his stage name.

RazzerRedux39d ago

This seems damn near sacrilegious.

dcbronco39d ago

This comes off as a movie push. Leave the games alone. Do a movie separate if you want.

King_Noctis39d ago

You can toggle between Marcus and Batista, unlike Spiderman Remastered which you are stuck with the new face.

Also, Batista is not in Gears movie. Look it up.

StoneyYoshi38d ago

Difference here is that this is the 5th entry in the series compared to how we have only had one Spiderman game from Insomniac so far so it much easier to force a visual character switch early in a story. And it's not like the voice changed like they did with this game. The only change spider-man did is the visual change. Voice/Mocap is from the same person.

Army_of_Darkness38d ago

@king_noctis "unlike Spiderman Remastered which you are stuck with the new face"

Omg cry me a river. Get over it man😭

RazzerRedux38d ago

lol....gotta make it about Sony somehow, don't you? Peter Parker's face has changed a thousand times or more from comics to TV to movies to video games. There is only one face for Marcus Fenix. Stop making stupid fanboy comparisons.

spicelicka38d ago

Who cares if it's an optional switch some people want to try.

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