Cyberpunk 2077 In-Game World Map Seen In Concept Art, New Screenshot Shared

Cyberpunk 2077 has a world map that is already seen through the art book, but this is the first in-game look at it with concept art.

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drunkenspy00736d ago

while it looks nice, how cyberpunk looks best imo, is when the sky is dead gray, they world is almost snuffed out and it's dark even when the sun is out. Neon glow and digital screens are light source that most know. while i think the game will be great, i think they missed the mark when it comes to the environment, at least what i've been shown so far.

SDuck36d ago

that's the athmosphere they're going for. Night City is supposed to be a given-up hell hole disguised as a breathtaking neon lighted paradise

onemanwolfp4kv236d ago

be an extra 3 weeks before any of us get to experience this.....just got delayed until December 10th

36d ago