Portal Reloaded's adding a new dimension to Portal 2 in 2021

Celebrate the 10th anniversary of Portal 2 with a 3-way portal gun

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Fist4achin36d ago

Is this all Valve will allow at this point?!

Valve and Konami are two shit companies that don't care about their fanbase that helped make them. So many good games that are just shelved now.

SpadeX35d ago

Half life Alyx was really good though.

-Foxtrot35d ago

Yeah but only a small amount of the Half Life audience got to play it...

SpadeX35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

I mean sure, not everyone owns a VR, but if their last game was really good, why would we assume "they don't care about their fanbase"?

35d ago
ikarodemon35d ago

I wanna hit Gabe Newell in the face for doing all these shit except the end of HalfLife