Cyberpunk 2077 Developer Defends Cut Content and Says "Don't Worry" About Amount of Content

PP: Fans aren't happy and there have been claims that the game has cut content and that CDPR is being deliberately coy about just how long it'll take to play through the game.

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lifeisgamesok30d ago

It's CDPR I don't think anyone has to worry about the amount of content in Cyberpunk 2077

Bathyj29d ago

People are morons. They think every scene you shoot ends up in a movie.

I hope they did cut content. The Witcher 3 was too long and I got bored and didn't finish it.

UltraNova29d ago

Exactly! If the game was 50+ hrs and they've cut it down to 40 then it will probably be for the better.

Bathyj29d ago

It's probably closer to the game is 100+ hours and they cut a scene just because it didn't work.

seanpitt2329d ago

The Witcher 3 was long but I never wanted it to end because the game was a masterpiece there was always something to find in every inch of the maps and the story was amazing I don’t know how someone can get bored.

toxic-inferno29d ago

Not only that, but you WANT content to be cut. It shows that there was an abundance of creativity and they selected the best to be in the game.

East76lands29d ago

Does anyone know the completed percentage for Witcher 3? Because I see quite a lot of people saying the same thing.

SullysCigar29d ago

^ @East76lands, 30% on PlayStation

Redlife2g29d ago

I was with you until you called witcher 3 boring

star12929d ago

do not say moron it is a deragatory comment made to degrade mental handicaped pepole

jeromeface29d ago

wasn't too long, you just weren't dedicated.

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InUrFoxHole29d ago

I don't mind because I played the Witcher 3. Until they prove otherwise...

wiz719129d ago

@Life exactly I’m not worried at all , CDPR more then proved themselves with Witcher 3.

ArchangelMike30d ago

If there's one publisher that I trust to handle content right, it's CDPR.In the frst place, the game has 3 different start states and multiple endings. So there's replayability from the get-go.

The other thing is that we don't know what was cut, or why. As the dev said, there're ideas that unablance the game or that just don't work proporly etc. This is part of the development process.

Gamers need to stop acting like entitled and uneducated children.

Neo11129d ago

But unfortunately with 40-50% of gamers this is exactly what it is - ignorant, entitled children. They don't understand that not every idea is good enough to appear in the final product. Better let no one tell them that more than 90 minutes of action are recorded during the movies shooting :-)

RazzerRedux30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Uh.....Witcher 3 gave completionists an average of 180 hours of game time. It will be fine.

wwinterj29d ago

Witcher 3 also had cut content. Every game does. CDPR are very open with the game development process so this makes some folk open their eyes

RazzerRedux29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Good point. I think CDPR have earned a good bit of trust in this regard.

paradigmfellow30d ago

I will worry about the cut content.

paradigmfellow29d ago

Oh don't worry, there is a simple fix for this. I am not getting the game on day one. I will wait for what the day one people say about the length of time and if I hear that it is a short game then I won't buy it and no longer worry about it. :)

Blade9230d ago

Not good for your long term health.

BongSmack29d ago

Yeah, me too. Poor content. If CDPR cut it, it probably wasn't very good.

wwinterj29d ago

A game of the year version will be out at some point probably with all the DLC. Just like with Witcher 3. If you really want to wait then wait for that.

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franwex30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

How would anyone even know what was cut anyway-unless you actually work there?

Most games have cut content. Heck, books, movies, shows, songs, etc has content that is cut.

wwinterj29d ago

Shhhh don't let the cat out of the bag. Directors cuts are not a thing!

Rachel_Alucard29d ago

In Cyberpunks case, they had things like leaks, marketing like the figure featuring V dual wielding (which in other games, would be showcasing something in game) and them flat out telling people one thing in DMs then backtracking later like with the apartments.