DF Direct - Spider-Man: Miles Morales PS5 Gameplay Reaction - Ray Tracing, Image Quality + More

Join John Linneman and Alex Battaglia for reaction to the recent Spider-Man: Miles Morales gameplay reveal, showing both Miles and Peter Parker taking on the Rhino. A closer look at gameplay shows off more of the visual feature set, including ray tracing

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CaptainHenry91639d ago (Edited 39d ago )

DF is for Microsoft only 😂

VersusDMC39d ago

I don't think they had one of the more excited takes on the PS5 UI video.

GamerRN39d ago

Nope, it's for techies, not fanboys

Gamingsince198139d ago (Edited 39d ago )

"Techies" ? DF went about as deep into the tech of the ps5 as a 6 year old can get into the intricacies of art.... anyone looking to hear about the tech of the ps5 would be just as lost after watching this.

soggyfalcon38d ago

For techies, as long as they prefer xbox tech over PlayStation tech.

whisperingrabbit39d ago

Sometimes it really seems like that these days.

TheRealTedCruz39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

N4G is pretty much for Sony only, but you don't seem to take issue with that.
And Digital Foundry literally just takes games and analyses them.
They've been an honest outlet over the years regarding their content so, if you take issue, all that means is you don't like that they give honest critique; whether it be positive towards MS, or negative towards Sony.

SmokinAces39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

Not having the common courtesy to properly say the name of a game your about to discuss has nothing to do with analyzing anything. The intention was obvious and it was blatantly un-professionalism. If DF is to be considered a respectable outlet the least he could do is remember a very simple game title.

TheRealTedCruz36d ago


Dude; they analyze game tech for a living. That's their job, and they do it well. Who are you to say they can't make jokes, or be sarcastic in their videos?
They're just a bunch of guys who like games, and found a way to make a living out of it. Get out of here with that "professionalism" crap. They're professional in their dissection of said games. They're them when speaking off the cuff.

I head a glass plant, and have almost 100 people under me. I still make stupid jokes, and make sarcastic remarks towards the company, itself, when not in formal situations. I guess that makes me unprofessional.

Necr0philiac38d ago

PS fans used to love DF until the Xbox one X came out.

soggyfalcon38d ago

Hardly... they were biased going back to PS3.

Limitedtimestruggle38d ago

I dont't agree, these guys are enthusiasts by far! And it shows! But seeing this kind of stuff on N4g does not surprise me at all though.

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SegaGamer39d ago

The state of these comments. You fanboys are so sensitive.

nickanasty20639d ago (Edited 39d ago )

I have to agree. The most sensitive folks all seem to be fanboys. Glad i'm a gamer instead and can see outside of the fanboy bubble. I am a massive PlayStation, PC and Xbox fan, and i didn't see anything in this video that was biased. They highly praised the game and were able to break down some of the tech they were seeing in use, more than i can do, i appreciated it. I am always amazed at how well PlayStation Teams are at optimizing their games to run so well, while getting such incredible graphical results, from a closed down console platform with hardware limits. Even with the thousands of dollars I sync in to my gaming PC, it is arguable that some of the PS titles I have played are some of the prettiest games I have seen. I don't have a terrible PC or anything either, with a 2080ti and an i9-10900k. So when i say that what the PlayStation teams do is incredible, i truly do mean it. Hooray for great games is what i will end with here. We have to also keep in mind that Digital Foundry work with extremely small teams and our constantly putting out new videos for Consoles and PC. With the limited resources they have, they do a fantastic job breaking down the technical side of things, and really deliver, because there aren't any casuals out there watching DF videos to get them excited.

SmokinAces39d ago

While I don't prescribe to the idea of bias at DF you have to admit it was at the least extremely un-professional, its not a hard title to say or remember and saying it the way he did comes off as dismissive as if it not important enough to be said correctly. People have a right to call him on it, its nothing to do with sensitivity its expecting a higher level of professionalism from an outlet that should know better.

GamerRN39d ago

They don't realize it's a tech site, not a fanboy site

Kingthrash36039d ago

Then why do they try to sell xbox so much?

WillyC00939d ago

If you actually believe about being gullible. My goodness lol

Gamingsince198139d ago

Funny how they didn't do a "tech" analysis of why xbox was so monumentally crap this gen and why the base power of the xbox won't be much of a help this new gen.

I wonder if they will talk about the tech behind how we will see not much difference graphics and rez wise with the ps5 and xbox series x ?

soggyfalcon38d ago

You just defend them because your biased towards Xbox, it only takes a quick trip through your comments to see your motivations.

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Alex is probably camera shy and trying to collect his thoughts. No harm no foul.

This reminds me of when Adam Sessler gave Killzone 2 a perfect score and even that wasn’t enough for fanboys. They claimed that Adam and Morgan were Xbox fanboys based on the tone of their voices because it SOUNDED like they were upset that a Sony exclusive got a perfect

nickanasty20639d ago (Edited 39d ago )

Man i miss the G4 days. Cool that it is coming back, even though i know it won't quite be the same without Morgan, Adam and Kevin Perriera. Those were the golden days. Used to watch Attack of the Show and XPlay religiously. On topic - fanboys will be fanboys though. I personally like not being one because all news is good news when you don't restrict yourself to one platform.


Yup. Multi-console owners are having a great time

soggyfalcon38d ago

Camera shy he makes videos for a living, he does this several times a month for years, we're way past camera shy.

He was trying to be dismissive.

SmokinAces38d ago

He's been doing analysis videos for ages now from a camera he has set up in his own place, being "camera shy" had nothing to do with it. I agree there's no harm its just not very professional or respectful.

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SyntheticForm39d ago

This is real crying, and I haven't seen it anywhere else. Nobody in the comment section of the video is sour over a perceived slight.

Nothing happened.

nickanasty20639d ago (Edited 39d ago )

Unfortunately i see people pumping their chest everyday on which plastic box is better. I mean, i never thought i would see the day where people were arguing over which console is X degrees cooler than the other. Or yet alone jizzing in their pants and screaming out loud about heat sync solutions. Its a crazy world. That will never change is my guess. LOL. I am just happy to see aspiring competition this time around in the console realm. Two companies doing completely different things with great ideas on both sides. We are going to get some fantastic games this cycle, and we all get to benefit from that.

Sayai jin38d ago

Same here folks. It just isn't that deep. Enjoy the platform(s) you enjoy, that's great. If someone doesn't sing praises, or peope look deeper into something that's not there, etc for our favorite toys at the end of the's just not that serious. I mean at all.

nickanasty20638d ago (Edited 38d ago )

1989 Ninja Turtles are better than Ghostbusters ;). I totally agree with what you are saying. They are just pieces of plastic. And each one serves their own purpose for what they are. All of my buddies play their games on Xbox, so if i am playing online or playing third party games, i play my PC or Xbox. With my Playstation, no doubt, Sony has the upper hand on exclusives, and gamers need to buy one to play their extremely polished first party titles. That's generally how things go for me at least, i know everybody does it the way that makes the most sense for them.

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devel39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

I don't like Alex and I prefer not to watch DF videos when he is present. DF need to remove him from any sony related exclusive content.

--Onilink--39d ago

Especially when he is defending Miles Morales from “poor” RT reflections and going on and on in a 20min video giving a complete explanation of how RT is done, why its so taxing and why Insomniac is doing some great compromises and pushing greatly the reflections in other aspects to counter the compromises

OB1Biker39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

Pushing the narrative that the PS5 is weak with 'poor RT' instead of saying the truth about it just being a very early build at the time?

Gamingsince198139d ago

Defending RT on spider-man but at the same time they make fools of themselves pretending the new halo was crap because of lighting...........riiiiiiiiii iiight

Aussiesummer39d ago

Gamers truly are ridiculous snowflakes, getting bent out of shape because he couldn't remember the name of a videogame character. Ridiculous.

devel39d ago

Sadly, analyzing his expression, I think he was faking it

Kabaneri39d ago

They're no different from political ideologues or religious fanatics. A perfect example of human tribalism.

nickanasty20639d ago (Edited 39d ago )

Hahaha, right?! Its out of control. Gives the "gamer" stigma a bad name. I'll always be a gamer, but i have a different sort of respect for games because I grew up in what i consider to be the golden era starting for me with Atari and the NES. Getting to experience each console cycle up until now makes you look at things completely differently. There was so many more Console creators back in the day that even though console wars were still a thing, it wasn't as polarized as it is now. Its sad really. I look at kids these days and just think how lucky they are that they get to grow up with all this state of the art tech, with no job responsibilities yet.... Man i would have died for that as a child. Not saying i didn't appreciate what i have, but people need to look at gaming as a luxury hobby and not battle over it, we are lucky to have what we have and should all just enjoy it right?

Gamingsince198139d ago

What ? The "console wars" have been just as bad since I was gaming on an amstrad cpc 464 back in the 80s ....there was always fights and arguments about amstrad, commodor 64 and spectrum, then when Nintendo and Sega became a proper thing it got worse, its just now we have the internet so things are amplified, not worse just more easily seen.

nickanasty20638d ago

@gamingsince1981, you are probably right, we just had magazines instead at the time, which were a bit less polarized.

Aussiesummer38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Im glad I didn't grow up with all this shit, it's not enviable.

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