Immortals Fenyx Rising Delivers an Incredible Open World on Stadia | Gamerheadquarters

The latest open world Ubisoft RPG game actually delivers something that feels fresh and exciting while providing a very vibrant environment to explore within the Google Stadia demo.

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metalgod8836d ago

Hate to break it to you, but nobody is playing games on Stadia. Nice to see you enjoyed the game though.

instantstupor36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Yeah, the main problem - among a few others - definitely feels like pricing. I tested Stadia in beta by playing AC:O and it played pretty well, but did have chunks of time where the bitrate dropped to pretty abysmal levels. It was always playable, but I would never want to stump up MSRP for a title I don't have local access to. Less ownership, less graphics customization, more controller lag...

BUT, I do think Stadia would be truly perfect for demoing games. I played the demo for Immortals via Stadia & that worked great. Just popped open Chrome, signed in with my Google account, & off I went. No waiting on big downloads, ensuring you have free space, waiting for installs, etc. Just being able to hit a button & go seems a perfect format for game demos or 1 hour game trial kinda things. I think more devs/pubs should consider this, as I think more people would try those demos & get them more interested in buying the game.

Hellcat202036d ago

Your sales pitch didn't convince me
It's a no from me

instantstupor36d ago (Edited 36d ago )


It wasn't a sales pitch, so much as an observation that I think game streaming could have an application outside of direct game sales.

But thanks for the valuable input! Your thorough comment, with its counterpoints to those brought up in my comment, as well as piercing insight as to why it wouldn't work as a demoing tool not only brought a lot to the discussion, but further helped me reconsider my position. :-)

TheGreatGazoo3036d ago

Streaming services are great for demos true. Also great for playing on a tablet or touchscreen from the couch while my wife watches some show I'm not interested in (as opposed to me going into the gameroom by myself). Why would anyone chose stadia over xcloud though? I feel like any money spent on stadia will be a huge waste when Google folds up shop and abandons it like they have so many other projects.