Marvel's Avengers Dev Q&A - Head of Studio Scot Amos

Crystal Dynamics' Scot Amos answers some fan questions regarding Marvel's Avengers.

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-Foxtrot87d ago

All I got from that was "We're working on it"

enkiduxiv87d ago

Wait. This game has fans? Now that is some news.

jukins87d ago

Eh i defended this game, because honestly it is fun. That said delayed content delayed next gen version delayed characters. I just can't anymore.

I'll hold onto it just incase but gotta admit now the ball has been dropped. Hopefully they can redeem themselves but might be too late

rdgneoz386d ago

The story was fun, the base gameplay is fun, and hopefully they keep the store sale prices as the regular ones are overpriced. The endgame is meh, loot meh, and now a ton of delays. This game is taking many notes from Anthem. Sadly, all the wrong ones...

jukins86d ago

Yea lack of real endgame is a killer. But the challenge iv difficulty on the daily "boss fights" gives me hope. As well as the tachyon rifts. Actually requires teamwork with those. I can see where they want to go and if they get there they can redeem themselves but the game is so rough I can't give them the benefit of the doubt anymore. They have to prove it.

Square doesn't let games die and marvel probably wants more put of this so I have a sliver of hope. My friends and I are going through on our last characters but we're bored after seeing everything 1000x over

ActualWhiteMan87d ago

Played 20 mins and uninstalled. Glad I waited to pirate it.

Hitman00787d ago

Couldn’t even put in a Replay + Campaign feature in the game ? the incompetence of these guys astounds me 💩💩💩 28169;

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