Black Ops Cold War Beta Had Servers Running at 20hz and Not Dedicated Servers for Some Modes

In this in-depth Black Ops Cold War beta netcode analysis, we find out that certain game modes were running on 20hz servers! Not every game mode uses dedicated servers too.

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Jin_Sakai37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

This better change by launch. 20hz servers are ridiculous for twitch FPS games!

excaliburps37d ago

Yep. It's not like Acti is a small, indie company, either. You earn millions! At the very least, provide quality servers.

Nitrowolf236d ago

All that money earned and they can't give people full dedicated servers, and good ones at that.

kryteris36d ago

but did they feel like 20hz servers? how did the experience fair.

Welshy36d ago

The hit registration was miserable, I don't know what it is with the Treyarch COD's but they always have this problem.

Jin_Sakai36d ago

“but did they feel like 20hz servers? how did the experience fair.“

It was pretty good but I got connection errors, lag, and hit penetration quite often.

Still love the feel of Treyarch games. There’s just something about their games I like more than any other CoD developers.

Kabaneri36d ago

This game feels extremely rushed. They should have delayed it a year and given us a next gen patch for MW instead.

Teflon0236d ago

2 different Devs, really wouldn't change much in that sense

KyRo36d ago

Treyarch were rush to make this. Less than two years to make a game because Sledgehammer messed up their that much which will no doubt impact the the COD title too.

Agent_00_Revan36d ago

What do they care? Tons of people will buy it anyway. Similar with EA and FIFA/Madden, it's gonna sell, it's gonna make a ton. No point dumping tons of money and resources. They know their audience after all these years, and they know exactly what they can get away with.

Thatgrammar36d ago

“And Not Dedicated Servers”
I’d change the title to “no” instead of “not.” Unless I am missing something, that change would be grammatically correct.

ExLivingGhost36d ago

This franchise is on life support by little kids now...

MrSwankSinatra36d ago

nahhhhh its really not, Modern Warfare brought the franchise back to form, which is why its always a top seller on NPD.

InUrFoxHole36d ago

When playing cod i generally see #4. Rarely have an issue with other games

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