Quantum Error for PS5, Xbox Series X, & PS4 Gets New Screenshots Showing Cutscene & Minigun

Teamkill Media revealed new screenshots of its upcoming “Cosmic Horror” game Quantum Error.

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PrinceAli39d ago

This game lost all its hype the moment they were proved to be liars...

Smclaren198539d ago

What did they lie about ? Just wondering as I havnt heard

Ra3v3r39d ago

I think what he meant to say was “this game lost all hype the moment I found out it wasn’t a PS5 exclusive”

39d ago
porkChop38d ago

How are they liars? They were planning to have the game ready for the PS5 launch, which isn't possible anymore. So if they're releasing a year later anyway, why hold back the other versions?

alyssa853638d ago

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darksky39d ago

Look at that low poly arm. Does the name of the game describe it ;)

shabz66639d ago

The dev says they’re aiming for a late 2021 release. Looking forward to it.

38d ago
SyntheticForm38d ago

Looks interesting to me.

This gen is launching strong, I think.