The Most Anticipated AAA Games Set To Launch This Christmas Period

NoobFeed writer Linden says, "The Christmas period represents the last big push of the year for developers and publishers to get their software into the hands of the public. It’s also one of the busiest, making it tricky to navigate so many releases and decide which ones to spend your hard-earned money on".

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ArchangelMike40d ago

Firstly, shame on you for not including Marvel's Spiderman: Miles Morales; that game will shift PS5 consoles.

My money's on Cyberpunk 2077. I won't have time for any other game... well, maybe I'll make time for the aforementioned Miles Morales SPiderman game

Bathyj39d ago

I'm playing Spiderman first and then Demon's Souls second as it will take longer. I'm not touching Cyberpunk until the PS5 version is out.

NeoGamer23239d ago

Depends how you define AAA....

If you define it by project spend, then I am not sure a game like Spider-man that had less then a 2 year development cycle and is a spin-off story (Insomniac said it is similar to Uncharted Lost Legacy) qualifies as a AAA game. If you only define AAA by quality of the game, I think it can be considered AAA based on the trailers.

ArchangelMike39d ago

I think that's just being disingenuous. However you want to spin it, Marvel's Spiderman - Mile Morales is a highly anticipated title this November. Especially as it is a flagship launch title for the PS5.

NeoGamer23239d ago (Edited 39d ago )

If you look in this comment thread I was highly disagreed with when I argued that AAA was not just about dollars.

I put the following comment in the thread....


So Disney Infinity was 60 Million and a metacritic score of 74 is that AAA? APB 100 million with a Metacritic score of 58.... Is it AAA? Enter the Matrix in 2003 was 60 million.... Was it AAA with a Metacritic score of 63? Defiance was 80 million to build and 64 on Metacrtic so it is AAA?

You can spend AAA dollars and not build a truly AAA game. You can also spend lower budgets and end up with a AAA game."

It got upvoted 6 times and downvoted 31 times. It appears that not everyone in the gaming community here believes that a game can be AAA at lower budgets. My comment was just reflecting what the community said in that thread. It does not align with my personal belief. To me, AAA is all about the quality of the game shipped not the cost to build it.

In fact CorndogBurglar was upvoted 15 and downvoted only 2 for saying in the same thread...

"The quality of a game or the scores it received has nothing to do with a game being AAA or not.

Its like how movies are called big budget, summer blockbuster movies. It doesn't mean the movie is good or the money was even well spent lol. It just had a big budget.

Same thing with AAA games. You can call them "big budget games" and it would mean exactly the same thing."

RazzerRedux40d ago

Looking forward to Watch Dogs: Legion in a few days. I'll temporarily subscribe to UPlay+ on PC in November for Watch Dogs and AC: Valhalla. $30 total for both games.

Of course, I'll buy Cyberpunk 2077. Game looks amazing.

If I can land a PS5 then Spider-Man Miles Morales will be in that list as well. Next two months are going to be overflowing with games.

sKiiTs840d ago

can you use uplay+ for ps4 and ps5?

RazzerRedux40d ago

No, it is PC only unfortunately.

PC Only | 100+ games"

lonewolf1040d ago

Cyberpunk, WD Legion and Immortals Fenyx (will need to see more on that one though) for me.

LoveSpuds40d ago

Demons Souls all the way for me, can almost touch it now , cant wait!

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