Delete Facebook and you’ll lose your Oculus Games

Facebook is now forcing you to link your Facebook account to your Oculus. Refuse and you risk losing everything.

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potatoseal283d ago

This kind of information is the perfect way to get people to NEVER by an Oculus for as long as they live.

respekanize91282d ago

i am about to nuke my fb acct. this just got me not to purchase this

bouzebbal282d ago (Edited 282d ago )

That things took every freedom away from people.. It's scary that everyone is still on that waste of
time.. I just don't get what value it has.

Deleted this crap years ago, since they removed share support from PS4..I was using it only for this, and some truthful news groups, not mainstream brainwashing garbage

S2Killinit282d ago

I recommend the OG of unbiased reporting in America, probably the only one left, AKA NPR (National Public Radio)

Sirk7x282d ago

Do it. I haven't used it in years, life never been better lol. Facebook is poison man.

DarXyde282d ago (Edited 282d ago )

Nuked mine years ago.

It's liberating, especially in the age of spin and overt politics.

You won't regret it, and you really won't miss it. I found that people used it largely for sympathy and validation.

That said, I do still use Messenger and WhatsApp because I live abroad, but I'm partial to Telegram.

RedDevils282d ago

I nuke it since 2007/8 best decision ever.

RacerX282d ago

Same here. I pulled out my Quest the other day, it's been awhile. It did an update and then tried to FORCE me to link my FB account and held ALL of my content HOSTAGE.

I was ready to buy the Quest 2 until I looked all this up and saw what they're doing with Facebook... They made my choice to buy something else much easier.

zeuanimals282d ago

@bouzebbal: Did you just say you go to Facebook for truthful news? Lmao. That's where the majority of the fake news is. Number one easiest way to become radicalized and do stupid shit like not believe in covid, use Facebook.

darthv72282d ago

I use FB for various collecting groups. Some I have created/manage. No politics, just gaming and collecting.

And sometimes I get some good deals on there.

johndoe11211281d ago

"unbiased reporting in America, probably the only one left, AKA NPR (National Public Radio) "

I honestly don't mean this as an insult or anything but, you're being sarcastic here right?

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Outlawzz282d ago

Only reason I was excited for this was because now somebody is going to come up with a headset just as good without the bs rules and regulations of a social media platform.

SullysCigar282d ago

Yup, the wait for PSVR 2 news suddenly got more bearable, nice move Facebook...

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Bender6502282d ago

Agreed. This essentially kills Oculus VR for many. This kind of enforced/ bundled consent, needs to stop. The law needs to move into the 21st century and protect peoples rights online.

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frostypants281d ago

Count me among them. I wanted one, but Facebook is cancer.

thorstein281d ago

Games are playable off steam.

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Gamerking82283d ago

Well seems like the Oculus is of no use whatsoever for me.

roadkillers282d ago

Oculus is good, but there are better alternatives especially with Valve's device. Honestly, delete you PSN profile or Xbox account and you will lose all your games too. No one wants Facebook in gaming, that's why anyone will take this as a live or die senario

dlocsta282d ago

Not quite the same. If you delete you Xbox account it just removes it from your Xbox. It does not delete your games or achievements. I have delete my account before and then downloaded it again 20 minutes later.

Eidolon282d ago (Edited 282d ago )


Well. I don't think it's as easy to delete your PSN/Xbox account. What you're doing is just deleting it from the console. To completely delete them, you will have to contact Sony/MS in which case I'm pretty sure they will warn you. FB is social media, and at times toxic.. It's easy to get an urge to delete it.. I personally don't use FB, and if I were to have to create one for a big expensive library of games, I'd want to provide SOME real information, double edged sword?

They specifically say you will have to contact them, and warn you what will happen.

JackBNimble281d ago

Big difference is no one ever bought an oculus to play games on face book, but you buy a ps to play ps games.
So ya , if you delete your psn profile of course you're not going to be able to play your digital games.

Pretty stupid comment actually because a ton of people who bought an oculus for gaming on steam and PC in general, not to be held hostage by Facebook.

Knightofelemia283d ago

I hate Facebook I deleted it years ago cramming it down my throat to use an Oculus will never happen I am quite happy with PSVR. What would be a good laugh is if a hacker or a modder found away to get around the always use Facebook feature for the Oculus.

potatoseal282d ago

Me too. So glad to be rid of it.

Fearmonkey282d ago

I thought about a quest 2 but pre-ordered the HP Reverb G2 instead, for exactly that reason, I hate FB. I love PSVR but after connecting it to my PC and using the IVRY driver. Skyrim VR looked so much better on PC. I wanted a PC VR headset and the HP kills everything else as far as visuals. Bring on PSVR 2!

Reefskye282d ago

i have a Rift S, I never bought a VR game from Oculus ever, I just use steam instead, Oculus keeps telling me sign in to my facebook, which i deleted a over a decade ago, ill just keep using steam.

Fishy Fingers282d ago

They announced this a few monthes ago.

It's BS, but what did anyone expect? As soon as they were bought by FB it was a done deal.

phoenixwing282d ago (Edited 282d ago )

Well I'm glad I didn't bite on that thing I was considering it but now I'll find a different option

SullysCigar282d ago

This. I was tempted by Quest 2, just because it's untethered and a step up from Quest 1 in terms of visuals. But when I looked into it, the $50 strap is pretty much essential to not hurt your head and the games still look pretty bad unless you tether to a I'm back to waiting for PSVR2 lol

This whole Facebook account thing has just reaffirmed my choice, even if it sees a price reduction. There's just no way. And it's terrible news, as Oculus was selling quite well and bolstering the VR market outside of PSVR. It's just too soon for these greedy, shady shenanigans and it's bad for the industry FFS.

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