Avowed and As Dusk Falls are now registered trademarks of Microsoft

Microsoft is already taking steps to ensure that its trademarks are not copied. Avowed and As Dusk Falls are already patented.

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Obscure_Observer40d ago

Avowed is poised to be one of the biggest new RPG franchises for the next generation.

I can´t wait!

RaidenBlack40d ago

I thought Obsidian is really going to show Bethesda how its done.
With Outer Worlds as a Fallout alternative. And Avowed as an Elder Scrolls competitor.
And ... then ... MS bought Bethesda. Lol, now wot? Competition under the same umbrella?
Well ... atleast there's a chance of New Vegas 2.

TheRealTedCruz40d ago

MS granting the Fallout license to Obsidian would still be the ultimate revenge, whether or not they're now both first party MS devs.
And trust me, Obsidian has been vocal about wanting to work on Fallout again, and I'm sure MS is well aware of the amount of series fans who want to see another Obsidian developed Fallout title.

porkChop40d ago

They can still have two similar series. Just make sure they're different enough to set them apart.

phoenixwing40d ago

I'm disappointed actually because I was hoping obsidian would keep making sword and sorcery type games. Now they will probably end up eventually just working on fallout if they get their way. I guess I'm just being selfish but I prefer sword and sorcery type stuff

RaidenBlack40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

Anyways, I've been a fan of Obsidian since KOTOR II days.
And Black Isle Studios (before it was Obsidian) is the co-creator of the Fallout 1 and the sole creator of Fallout 2. As well as Icewind Dale, Planescape: Torment and sequels to pre-EA BioWare RPGs like Neverwinter Nights 2 and Baldur's Gate II.
So, they know RPG, through and through.

NEXUS-640d ago

Internal competition can be a good thing

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dekke40d ago

@obsu comes out prolly '22-23 but hey at least u have gears 5 mp at120hz launc while 95% ppl own such as TV meoow :P

CaptainHenry91640d ago

By that time the new Nintendo console and PS5 will be over 50 million units sold

Iberius40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

Might be best to wait until we actually see something of Avowed before we claim it’s going to be one of the biggest games of the generation.

phoenixwing40d ago

I'm expecting it to be good because obsidian is a good dev. With a bigger ceiling to work with money wise they'll probably knock it out of the park

NeoGamer23239d ago

Ya, I really can't wait to see what Obsidian can do on a true AAA budget where they can get everything as good as they really want it to be. Their RPGs have been great, but they have always been on a budget. I can only imagine what they can do with the resources they have available through Microsoft.

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Ausbo40d ago

As dusk falls looks interesting. Created by former quantic dream devs. If that can be as good as a life as strange or telltale story, I’d be very pleased

TheRealTedCruz40d ago

There's not much known for Avowed, but Obsidian + 1st person open world + Pillars universe + Microsoft funding = excitement

CaptainHenry91640d ago (Edited 40d ago )

There was a time when I felt the same way when Microsoft acquired my favorite developer at the time Rare but unfortunately that didn't work out the way I thought

TheRealTedCruz40d ago

The difference being RARE was purchased at an unfortunate time where mismanagement in RARE, itself, had all senior talent jumping ship and going to other companies/starting their own studios.
Obsidian is coming off of consistent releases of Pillars 1 and 2, Tyranny, Outer Worlds, and assistance on Wastland 3.
The only controversy had within the company was their falling out with Chris Avalone, and that is going back a couple years already.

People need to stop blaming MS for RARE. They gave them creative freedom for years before they started being more hands on with them and their development. If you ask me, RARE is slowly starting to turn things around. Sea of Thieves became a good title as they worked on it, and there's new IP on the way.

As for Obsidian, reception for Grounded is rather positive out of the gate, Wasteland 3, of which they assisted inXile in development, is a potential game of the year contender (inXile also being a MS studio now, and publicly stated MS' acquisition went a long way to improving the title, itself), Outer Worlds was highly rated, and sold higher than expected.
They're now working on Avowed - a game whose scope probably wouldn't have been possible without MS' backing, Outer Worlds 2 (now likely with a AAA budget), are continuing development on Grounded, and have another new IP currently in actual development. Not to mention fans of the Fallout series sitting with the excitement of the idea that the Bethesda acquisition might mean Obsidian may be able to develop another game for the series.

I see nothing but positive things coming from this acquisition going forward.

RaidenBlack39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

I was really excited for Everwild.
Looked really beautiful.
Seemed like an open world, systemic RPG.
But then I found out, its a multiplayer game like Sea of Thieves.
Damn, aren't Rare going to make single-player games anymore?