PlayStation 4 Commanded The Generation With Exclusives

Sony's PS4 was the dominant console of the eighth generation thanks to a tight focus on strong gaming experiences and a slate of phenomenal titles.

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The Wood40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

@Title .....100 Percent

Every other side piece feature or service doesn't compare to the Wife (games). The detractors should of spent more time nit picking and berating their console of choice instead of the brands that clearly navigate the gaming sphere better

LordoftheCritics40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

Multiplat games (whichever platform you play them on) truly dominated the generation. Playstation 2nd, Switch 3rd

potatoseal40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

What are you even talking about? Those games could be played nearly anywhere. When you look back on a console generation (like that of the PS4) it's not about the 3rd party games that you can play anywhere... it's about the exclusives games.

Why do you think Sony and Nintendo fans are so passionate? Is it because of multiplat titles? NO. It's because of Sony and Nintendo's proven track record with their exclusives. It's exclusives. REAL EXCLUSIVES.


It's a fact. To try and say otherwise is ridiculous.

The exclusives helped the PS4 to dominate.

The Wood40d ago

USP's bro. . . They made a massive difference. Factor in the consistency and quality of those usp's and you can see why the xbox has been dominated

MoonConquistador40d ago

3rd party games aren't a gaming platform though are they so not sure about your magical rating criteria.

Did you even read the article before you threw your tuppence worth in here?

Father__Merrin40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

Suit yourself with playstation this gen you had all the multiplat and all the exclusives... This coming gen ps5 will excel even further and the best thing is no one on here can do anything about it

Imalwaysright40d ago


He's talking about this or this

In a website like this, where we're supposed to be informed gamers, I don't understand as to why people keep parroting the idea that the reason why Playstation consoles sell so well is due to their exclusives when far more people buy them to play multiplatform games than to play Sony's 1st party games.

potatoseal40d ago

@ imalways

* facepalm *

Just SMH

Imalwaysright40d ago


In my country we have a saying that roughly translated goes like this "against facts there are no arguments" wich can be applied to your reply. An useless reply that doesn't say anything at all.

The Wood40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

Dude. . In your country do people only use one single reason to make a decision?

Both Sony and Microsoft have the same access to multplats right. In business there's something called unique selling points. Is it so hard to accept or even fathom that 'a' reason the ps5 more than doubled the xbox is because it provided more quality exclusives on top of the shared multplats. I can't believe we're still debating this in 2020

I do have to ask....what do you think the major factors were because if everything was just down to multplats Microsoft wouldn't of needed to buy any new studios at all

Imalwaysright40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

The Wood

In business there is also another thing and that thing is called sales. Unique selling points vs sales wich are objective and verifiable data... well that's like bringing a knife to a gunfight so you see, I don't have to accept anything. The ones that need to accept something are those that slap themselves in the face and as result have to shake the pain away.

PS-Gamer-198640d ago


People just know they get the full package on playstation. Awesome exclusives, loads of japanese games AND access to 99+% of multiplatform games. It'd an offer most can't refuse

The Wood39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

Oh, sales matter now....but only the ones that suit a specific argument of your liking.....Riiiiiiiight.

So the ps4 more than doubled the xbox in 'sales' because of......................oh, let me 'shake the pain away'..... like what on earth are you talking about. 'Unique selling points vs sales' WUT?????

'when far more people buy them to play multiplatform games than to play Sony's 1st party games.'

dude, thats like saying people just buy a specific car because it has wheels. All cars have wheels bro....there's other reasons why they choose certain cars other others. wow

For a stand up guy your sure get caught up dig your heels in and make some weird ass arguments sometimes.

Let me help you since you couldn't actually answer a simple question. Better games, more choice, more variety and consistency. Sony ticked those boxes, Microsoft didn't. The numbers are there for all to see.

Imalwaysright39d ago

The Wood

"Oh, sales matter now"

Are you dense? I was literally talking about sales since my 1st comment or to be more specific software sales and how they show that Playstation consoles are mainly bought to play multiplatform games. You're the one that decided to talk about Playstation vs Xbox sales wich doesn't have anything to do with what I was talking about but feel free to keep talking about Playstation vs Xbox sales but before you do, just know that both Playstation and Xbox consoles are bought mainly to play multiplatform games so... yeah come up with something better than your "unique selling points" argument.

The Wood39d ago

'I don't understand as to why people keep parroting the idea that the reason why Playstation consoles sell so well is due to their exclusives when far more people buy them to play multiplatform games than to play Sony's 1st party games'

Dude you're calling me dense when you're clearing implying you KNOW why people buy a console other another and limit that to one reason. Ignore logic or business acumen all you want. Exclusives matter. Get over it because you're looking kinda goofy. Take it up with the author.

Imalwaysright38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

The Wood

Don't put words in my mouth. I never said that exclusives were or weren't important, I simply said that more people buy Playstation consoles to play multiplatform games than Sony's 1st party games and that is an undeniable fact backed up by software sales numbers period and yet there are still bozos around here that claim that the main reason as to why Playstation consoles sell so well is due their exclusives wich is either a lie or a display of ignorance. If you don't like it then slap yourself in the face and shake your head for the pain to go away. I'm quite confortable with this simple fact so no I don't have to accept anything or make unsubstantiated claims such as "unique selling points" when both playstation and xbox consoles are mainly bought for the selling points they SHARE. Of the 3, Nintendo's consoles are the only ones that are bought mainly to play its exclusives, a claim that is backed up by sales numbers wich are verifiable and objective data while you replied to me with arguments that didn't have anything to do with what I was talking about and futhermore aren't even backed up by software sales for both the PS4/Pro and X1/X1X.

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NeoGamer23239d ago

Playstation 4 dominates and XBO was mostly a no show for the generation.

lifeisgamesok40d ago

Factual information!

Some of my favorite exclusive games of all time released this generation

Uncharted 4
Days Gone
Ghost of Tsushima
God of War
Ratchet and Clank
The Order 1886

MrNinosan40d ago

Nice list and on top of those I’ll add:
Horizon Zero Dawn
Death Stranding
Final Fantasy VII Remake
Last of Us Part 2
Concrete Genie

And even if I’m no fan Bloodbourne is a great game.

UltimateRacer39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

I’d also like to add Killzone Shadowfall, Driveclub, and GTsport. I love those games aswell as most on your lists.

MoonConquistador40d ago

Good article, great read, and captured most of the relevant bits.

Phil Spencer could be doing with reading this

ZeroBlue240d ago

As Playstation does every gen, and they will continue the trend with PS5, or at least there is no reason to think they won't.

isarai40d ago

Exactly, i don't get why people act like PS4 is the only generation they had great exclusives. They've always had great exclusives

Mr_Luke40d ago

I thought so, it was clear. And i think the tradition will continue with the PS5.

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