3 Reasons Why Gotham Knights Could Turn Out Better Than the Arkham Series

KeenGamer: "While it doesn't feature the famous Dark Knight, there are several reasons why Gotham Knights could end up being better than the famous Arkham games. Ludicrous? Maybe, but the details released so far could be the first signs of something really great heading our way next year..."

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RPGer31d ago

Gotham knights without 'him' is a disaster by itself. Also, gameplay is more about HP so, it isn't as impactful like Arkham Series/Spidey.

Garodor31d ago

Not at all interested in playing some sidekicks in a "Batman" game ... also the "gas coop" like gameplay leaves a bitter taste in my mouth

WhatAboutBigBob30d ago

If it was not for Red Hood, I would not give this game the light of day. Being able to play as him for more then 15-minutes (damn you, Arkham Knight) pulls me towards the game.

MADDOG8531d ago

It's simple for me. I'm just not into playing a Batman game without batman. I waited 5 years for a Batman game and we get this? why couldnt this have been a side project or the court of the owls story set before Arkham Asylum with all the major side kicks? Could have been awesome but now I'll just wait to see what they do next.

SDuck31d ago

Although i'm not too sure about the RPG style combat with HP meters and all or the fact Robin can teleport, I really can't wait for this game. The 4 Robins are my favorite DC characters and I can't wait to see what this game does with (3 of) them.

Aussiesummer30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Its marvel avengers all over again. Gonna bomb hard.

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