DualSense & Xbox Series X Controller Overlay Comparison

A recent unboxing video from Austin Evans finally showed us both next generation controllers photographed together for the first time. From screen grabs of this video we were able to get some very close size comparisons between the two.

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purple101283d ago

Great news. Even xbox controller was slightly too small for me, so this one marginally bigger will be great.

GamerRN282d ago

I actually like the changes to the PlayStation controller. I still wish I had the option to buy one with the DPad Thumbstick swapped, and I think the monotone button colors might hurt casuals who use the colors of the shapes, but I like the changes overall.

bouzebbal282d ago

X1 controller sits better in the hands.. Haven't had long sessions with it but seems really comfortable. Good DS design went that direction.

Evan_Beezy282d ago

Me too I will always prefer asymmetrical thumbsticks and they are missing out not providing one as an option but I get it Sony has to maintain its marketing image. Just wish they’d grow up, also the little domes on the insides of the thumbsticks is less than ideal, there’s a reason why we see plenty of third party Xbox style PlayStation controllers not the other way around.

282d ago
GamerRN282d ago


Think about it for a moment. Why would that give you carpal tunnel? Your thumb on your right hand is reaching up to the buttons. Your left hand should match it and the thumbstick should line up with buttons, not the other thumbstick. DPad hasn't been primary choice in a long time

r2oB282d ago

@ gamern

It depends on the type of game you are playing. Some games your fingers are on the thumb sticks more than the buttons, I.e. FPS games where the left stick controls the character and the right stick controls the camera (which you are constantly moving). So In that instance, shouldn’t the left thumb match where your right thumb is mostly, which is on the analog stick. One could use your own point against you. Personally I don’t think the layout makes a difference as I can easily adapt to both within a few seconds. Both feel ergonomic to me.

bouzebbal282d ago (Edited 282d ago )


Sits better in the hands, thumb sticks are better quality.. Triggers are better..
I prefer PS d-pad, symmetrical sticks and speaker / mic jack port..
Dualsense seems to have best of both worlds

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gamer7804282d ago

Really hoped they would fix the thumb sticks and triggers though

RazzerRedux282d ago

There is nothing to "fix". That's just your preference.

gamer7804282d ago

Razzer convex is not my preference or the non offset I’ll give you that. But the rubber material they use is not good and is slippery and rubs off

Father__Merrin282d ago

The v1 ds4 sticks tended to peel off after heavy use like you see in shop display units. But the v2 I had it for years and it was the same as it came in the first place it wasn't slippy it was actually grippy rubber and didn't peel off

Elwenil282d ago

Swap them. There are plenty of aftermarket option out there once the consoles are out a while. I went from modifying my PS2 controllers with little round pieces of drywall sanding screen glued to them to using machined aluminum replacement sticks on my PS4.

gamer7804282d ago (Edited 282d ago )

I have modified my sticks but it’s just not as good. I’m just saying what I wish Sony would do. The v2 doesn’t rub off as much but it’s still slippery.

gaffyh282d ago

The newer DualShock 4's improved the rubber, the controller that came out around the time of the PS4 Pro. my original controller's rubber grips is peeling off, but the new one is spot on.

gamer7804281d ago

@gaffyh. Will have to disagree. While it’s slightly better than the original it’s still way to slippery with not much grip. I’ve had a small piece come off my pro controller also but not nearly as bad as the first version with my ps4 regular

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gravedigger282d ago

New XSX/S is gamepad is also slightly smaller than X1 gamepad

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dlocsta282d ago

I never bought PS because the controller was too small for me. Now Xbox is doing the same thing. I like the new PS controller size. I still don't like the symmetrical analog sticks. I am a fan of the Duke. That huge thing actually fit me to a tee. My glove size is XXL, lol. Strong move by PS. I still hate PS fanboys. They are the second most toxic group in gaming. Second only to the Gears 5 community. Gears 5 is my favorite game and I barely play it because of the people and the fact that TC seem to have no idea what they are doing. The game is broken as hell.

oasdada282d ago

Im a pc gamer then a ps gamer and a former xbox fanboy.. trust me when i say xbox fanboys are the worst.. any fanboys are worst but xbox fanboys are delusional as i was untill i bought a ps

dlocsta282d ago

How are Xbox fans delusional? Serious question.

Ron_Danger281d ago


For a simple answer to your question, just wait for E3.

dlocsta281d ago

You mean like making promises and saying things that are not true. Like when they said all games will be 1080p on the PS3? Oh, wait. Wrong console. Could you give me an example of what makes MS worse than Sony when it comes to marketing (we believe in generational games (I know, too soon)), or promising 1080p for an entire generation. Sounds like they both provide their own level of BS. The positive for Xbox is Don Mattrick is gone. They still over promise at times but what electronics consumer company doesn't?

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autobotdan282d ago

I prefer the smaller sized controller and the fact that they are without factory built in batteries is a added bonus for me

bradleejones282d ago

Can't believe anyone wants to buy and replace AA batteries nowadays. Much more expensive and inconvenient.

nirwanda282d ago

Why didn't they package the series X controller with a removable battery pack 🤷‍♂️, best if both worlds.

Risky_24282d ago

Because it can be very convenient. Most people have a favourite controller for various reasons that they like to use and instead of having to switch controller when it dies or plug in a charge cable, it's just much better to switch batteries.

I have 4 Xbox controllers and 2 PlayStation controllers. 2 of the Xbox ones have missing rubber grips and 1 of the PlayStation. With the Xbox controller I just switch out the batteries to the more comfortable/favourite one when it dies and there is no problem but with the PlayStation controller I'm forced to use a less desirable controller or plug in a cable.

Having the battery built in is no doubt convenient in some ways but I much prefer Xbox's approach and allowing the user the option of choosing what better suits them. I just wish they shipped it with a rechargeable battery pack in the box.

Zeref282d ago

You can get a rechargeable battery pack for like 20 bucks lol

If you can't afford that then you probably don't play a lot of games either.

bradleejones282d ago

The point is that is not even an expense with the PS4. It's a non existent expense. It isn't about not being able to afford it.
As far as the personal jab at not being able to afford a battery pack, I'll just decide to leave that alone. Nice day today to drive my Vette.

RaiderNation282d ago

That's because it wouldn't fit the fanboy narrative to say otherwise LOL.

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RazzerRedux282d ago

lol....remember those who said Sony copied Xbox controller in DualSense? Hilarious.

Outside_ofthe_Box282d ago

And they would call you a fanboy if you didn't see it as Sony copying lol

Babadook7282d ago (Edited 282d ago )

It’s amazing how over the years the Microsoft controllers have copied almost everything from the Sony controllers.

ClayRules2012282d ago

And the PS5 DualSense controller looks to be Sony’s best to date. I kinda wait to give it a go!

282d ago
Zeref282d ago (Edited 282d ago )

Huh? 😂😂🤣

I can't believe how many agrees this got lmfaooo

Absolutely delusional

neutralgamer1992282d ago

The Xbox controller from the bottom is bigger/wider

gravedigger282d ago

It has shorter and wider grips.

neutralgamer1992282d ago

Yes I dislike that about it. Would like to see a comparison with xbox 360. I feel like that was Ms best controller and the Xbox one and xbox series x controllers are more like OG Xbox controller

Maybe it's just me

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