The New PS Store for Web, Mobile Is a Dramatic Downgrade

Sammy Barker writes, "Let’s be clear: the previous browser-based PS Store was not very good, and needed an overhaul. So when the company confirmed that it’d be stripping PS3, PS Vita, and PSP titles from the website, we figured it would remove an anchor from around the organisation’s neck, and allow it to introduce a much better page to purchase games from.
If anything, though, this is a significant downgrade."

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Rangerman120838d ago

While the previous design wasn't perfect, it was atleast easy to navigate. Really hope Sony listens to the feedback.

S2Killinit37d ago

You really do need help. I would mark this page to bring it up to you once they do, but I know by then you have made many more ridiculous comments.

37d ago
ziggurcat38d ago

I just checked right now, and it's the new store, finally. Feels a little less accessible to look through the games, but am pleased that the PS5 games are available without going through a few different links to "learn more" about the upcoming titles.

Teflon0238d ago

I did notice it was weird how you buy on it, but I feel like it's still in the transition. But they definitely need some adjusting. Think it'll be decent by PS5 release

AnotherGamer38d ago

There's no screenshot or video previews of the games. I mean isn't that the most basic thing to see a game in your store?

Fishy Fingers38d ago

Even the MS store gives you that, the single worst Store out there, or at least it was. Got competition.

RaidenBlack38d ago

I can't seem to see the individual add-ons for games in the download list. Only the main games I bought.
Any idea, anyone?

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The story is too old to be commented.