Immortals Fenyx Rising is Breath of the Wild X Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and you need to play it

TheSixthAxis writes: Despite being a game that feels as though it’s been designed by committee, Immortals Fenyx Rising seems, on first impressions at least, to be more than the sum of its parts. Here is a game that’s remixes Assassin’s Creed Odyssey with Breath of the Wild in such a blatant way that it’s a wonder that someone from Hyrule isn’t sending them a summons. That obviously won’t happen – perhaps it should be a Greece and desist letter? – but Nintendo should be feeling particularly flattered right now.

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azedean36d ago

No you don't need to play this... This is outdated, the game mechanics are well known, nothing new at all, really at all, they tried to be funny but I never even smiled once... for little kids yes but not for hard-core gamers or casual gamers that knows assassin's creed open world gameplay.

DarkZane36d ago

Speak for yourself, I think this actually looks pretty good. You seem to be the type of person who will hate everything Ubisoft releases.

Si-Fly36d ago

This is the most exciting game in the Ubi stable as far as I’m concerned.

ZeroBlue236d ago

That's not a very high bar, happy to give it a chance though, hopefully they surprise me.

Hellcat202036d ago

It's day one purchase for me and no one will convince me otherwise.

instantstupor36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

You can check out the demo yourself through Stadia. No CC or anything obnoxious, just sign up with a Google account and off you go. Side note: I think Steam should have this option for demos, or more companies should do demos this way - no big download, just push a button & off you go. That lack of friction seems perfect for demoing a game.

To the game, it feels...fine enough. I'm not a huge fan of the "jokey" narration, the combat feels pretty good (but kinda hack n slashy), the gear doesn't feel too impactful - at least from what was seen in the demo...I think that it'd be great as a handheld game - the idea of having that on the Switch for short bursts sounds more appealing - but it doesn't scream "need to play" to me. I can certainly see people enjoying it, but it also doesn't strike me as something you have to run out and play at launch or anything. Feels like it'd be a good game to snag on sale.

Pyrofire9536d ago

I'm really against streaming games but for the purposes of a demo it was really nice to just hit play, of course I had to sign up in the first place but it this becomes a trend for demos I'd be pretty good with that.
This also clears the concern of devs from people data mining their demos.

DefaultComment36d ago

thank you for your feedback, although I'm convinced that this game imight be truly a masterpiece. Borrowing elements from 2 games I enjoyed the liiving hell out of it into a snarly and funny dialogue. I say this game deserves way more attention than other games ubisoft has been "marketing".

Valkron136d ago ShowReplies(3)
_LarZen_36d ago

Played the demo twice on Stadia now and I really like it. Very surprised how good it felt to play via Stadia. But I'm very excited to see how better it will look on a next-gen console with 4K and HDR. Looks like a game that will really pop with HDR so I'm super excited to play the full game in December.

Daveik36d ago

The cover image has shows it will be interesting , let me check on it

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