Mysterious PlayStation 5 SSD price tag pops up online and suspiciously seems like a steal

A PS5 SSD price tag that purportedly comes from Walmart has appeared online, and if it is accurate then a 500 GB SSD drive starts at $115 dollars.

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Jin_Sakai37d ago

Good price but I’m defiantly going with a 1TB SSD. Most likely Western Digital.

SullysCigar37d ago

I'm holding off for a little while. Seems like we're already seeing SSDs competing for use with PS5. This can only be good news for getting the price down even further - potentially in the next few months even.

jukins37d ago

Doubledose to notice someone "doing nothing but hanging around and commenting"
Wouldn't you have to also be "hanging around" to be able to make that statement?

SullysCigar37d ago

^ @doubleyourdose, you seem to have something against everyone else, so what makes me so special?

For anyone interested, this guy's last 2 comments:

"you are toxic"

"please go away"

Also worth noting that this is the alt account of someone on here far more frequently than I am.. lol

bouzebbal37d ago

Seems like PS5 and Vita had a talk together regarding storage prices!! Good stuff!

Army_of_Darkness36d ago

Western Digital sucks ass. Failed on me twice, so never again! I'll stick with Seagate.

RosweeSon36d ago

Yep absolutely no rush it’s nice to have all the storage day1 but barely 6-9 months later it’ll all be so much cheaper assassins creed will be £20/25 instead of £70 😑 the ssd’s will be cheaper.
I’m getting console Spider-Miles the 3d headset and Observer, got Astro and PS4 backlog not to mention any freebies via ps+ 🤔🤷🏻‍♂️ 😜😋 Fifa assassins all the yearly churned stuff can wait a year or so for me and the extra storage can wait 600/700 gb is easily manageable for the first 6 months or so Unless your just buying all the cod series 😏😜😜

Baliw36d ago

wd is owned by seagate anyway...

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37d ago
Saigon36d ago

idk I dont think this is right. The read speed needs to be at least 5.5 MB/s. And this is only 5 MB/s. The site they link to has many more like this. I think people need to wait until we get the official list.

GamerRN37d ago

Good price? Yikes! If this is true than a 1tb is gonna cost around $300! Memory price doesn't scale well when you go bigger.

Thatgrammar37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

More like $230, but you know, maths hard.
The WD 1TB card is $229.99 while the 500GB is $149.99. If this card is actually only $115 for 500GB I’d expect the 1TB version to be more like $199.99 or even less. At most it would be $229.99 to price match the more expensive drive from WD. Also, $115+ $115 is not $300, it’s $229.99, by the way.

S2Killinit37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Lol nice try but I think you should check with your doctor about your condition? This cant be healthy bud. Get the toxins out before its too late.

RedDevils36d ago

Go back to pre school. You're sure doesn't know how to do basic math, might as well don't say anything or else you just look like a fool in public.

GamerRN36d ago (Edited 36d ago )


You literally just butchered the English language, and you say IM the one who made a fool of himself?

What you guys failed to take into consideration is that larger SSDs aren't always busy double the price for double the size. For high end tech there is often a price you pay when it scales up. So instead of doubling, it more than doubles. All depends on the tech.

GamerRN36d ago

If you smart guys go to this link you will see what I mean. You pay a premium to move up in size. In this case it's small, but I'll have made my point and you guys can learn a thing or two about tech and storage.

EFFIN_Adduce36d ago

If you knew what you were talking about you would know that the price hike only starts after 2TB really. 500Gb to 1TB and most time 2Tb you usually save money.

GamerRN36d ago (Edited 36d ago )


That's weird, I literally just posted Amazon proof proving you wrong with that comment... Weird


Nitrowolf236d ago (Edited 36d ago )


Now I'm confused by what you linked
1TB = $129 (its on sale atm for $107)
2TB = $219

Thats a $90 dollar difference from standard msrp, so almost double the price.

Going up,
2TB (219)
4TB (449)
= $220 (a little over 2x) more
4tb (449)
8tb (893)
$444 more, which is a few bucks less that double the price.

You just proved what everyone was saying, yet somehow concluded that a 1TB would be closer 3 times the cost of a 500GB based off numbers that are respectively around 2x.


In most cases double the space = double the price. It depends on the drive in the end.
Even this one
Only comes out $10 more than 2X.

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I'm going with WD also, the 2 TB. I don't want to have to worry about storage for a while.

lelo2play37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

$115 for a 500 GB SSD is NOT a good price.

GamerRN37d ago

Be careful, I said the same thing and got ripped apart lol

It's like people don't understand memory prices. I think the people arguing against it never owned a PC

mkis00737d ago

Well if you compare it to older slower tech it's it's speed category it is a great price.

jznrpg37d ago

It is for the newest SSD out there . In comparison Xbox SX 1TB SSD is same price for 1TB , 219$ but PS5s SSD is twice as fast . It’s a good price if you get better SSD for same price

Melankolis36d ago

Well, there are different kind of SSDs, from lower to higher tier, this one is higher tier absolutely

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NeoGamer23237d ago

How is that a good price for 500 GB? That seems to be the typical price for this sized of SSD.

GamerRN37d ago

I think it's high for that price... You can get the T5 Samsung 512gb for closer to 85$

EFFIN_Adduce36d ago

@GamerRN lol you did not just compare a portable ssd with a 10th of the speed of the ps5 ssd. not even in the same league of speed.

Nitrowolf236d ago (Edited 36d ago )

because speeds offsets the pricing.
For comparison WD current 500GB that is said to support PS5 is $149, the one in the article that they compare it to is $119 but has even slower speeds than whats recommended and is $5 more than this listing.

So assuming $115 is correct, you would be getting a cheaper drive that matches the supported speeds than the WD one and a faster one/cheaper than the one listed in the article.

Of course we don't know the specs of this, but it would need to be fast enough, so its fine to assume it would be faster than the one in the article

And dont get me wrong, they're still pricey, but at that price it should help drive them down faster and its considerably cheaper than most available for the speeds

Horseygamer37d ago

NVMe M.2 there is a difference 1t set you back around £150 pounds sterling

Spenok37d ago

I'll "defiantly" get a 1tb as well. Perhaps a 2tb. Defiantly.

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ArchangelMike37d ago

I don't get why 1TB isn't standard storage for the next gen consoles. Did they not see the install sizes for some of the games this gen?

Rimeskeem37d ago

It’s not easy putting storage that fast up that high. While I would like more storage Sony seemed to opt for the fastest WiFi card and storage with expansion available.

ziggurcat37d ago

I think it's largely irrelevant when there's external storage options available.

ArchangelMike37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

How can you say it's irrelevant, especially when it's an additional cost on top of the console? If the PS5 or XSX came with 1TB storage standard, people won't now be looking to spend hundreds of dollars, or external Hard Drives.

I don't know about you but I can't play any new games without first deleting something on my HDD.

ziggurcat37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

I already have a large external HDD, so there's no additional cost for me. I suspect that a lot of people also have external HDDs they can use, so they also wouldn't be looking to spend hundreds of dollars on external drives.

That's why you have a large external - you can store all of your games, and only keep the game(s) you want to play on the internal, and swap out when you're done. It's what I do now, and it's what I'll be doing this coming gen, too. So for me, it only needs to be big enough to store a handful of games.

TGGJustin37d ago

Just get an external HDD. You can play all your PS4 games from it and store the PS5 games. Moving the PS5 games back and forth between the HDD and the internal beats having to download them again.

Zeeb37d ago

Especially with Super Speed USB.

one2thr37d ago

For PS5, 12 Channels divides evenly into 825Gb of flash storage. Anything higher than 825Gb would require more channels, in order to achieve their 5.5Gb/s RAW throughput, which would have driven up the price of the console even more. According to Mark Cerny.

NealGamby37d ago (Edited 37d ago )


The size of the SSD they decided on wasn’t just an arbitrary number. 825 gb was the perfect balance between performance and price based on the 12 nand channels they wanted.

(Taken from Reddit by someone smarter than me about this)

12 channel,512Gib Nand Chip / channel

512 x 12 = 6,144 Gib = 768 GiB = 824.633720832‬ GB = 825GB

Sony's SSD has twelve lanes and uses twelve flash chips (one per lane) if I recall correctly. Normally SSDs use 16 chips with fewer lanes. Each chip that Sony is using is presumably 512 Gib (Gibi bits, not giga bits) as is presumably Microsoft. Gibi is a multiple of 1024 whereas Giga is a multiple of 1000. Thus you have 1024 bits × 1024 kilobits × 1024 megabits in a gigabit. Multiply that by 512 Gigabits × 12 chips and then divide by 8 to convert from bits to bytes. This gives you a not unusual 768 GiB (gibi bytes) but ~825 GB (giga bytes).

ArchangelMike37d ago

Thanks for the explanation, it was very helpful to understand that there'smore going on than sheers size of storage. I honestly didn't know.


NealGamby37d ago (Edited 37d ago )


You’re welcome. I was just like you and didn’t understand why they wouldn’t just go ahead and put a 1tb ssd inside before someone explained it to me.

Vanfernal37d ago

Games next gen aren't necessarily going to be larger. A lot of the large install sizes have to do with repeated assets to make loading from an HDD quicker. Basically when you need to load say a street lamp, the game scans the HDD to find one of the dozens of street lamp assets in order to pull one on time. Then loads it into the game. With the SSD you only need ONE asset since it can load it so fast from a particular location. So a lot of the redundant files won't be needed and installs overall will be leaner.

Ozzy240737d ago

I agree the storage size is to small but I think Sony and Microsoft had to make the decision where to cut cost and the ssd drive size took a hit

Stanjara37d ago

Cost, if 1 tb would cost them 50 bucks more on a million consoles that's 50 million on Sony. At the end of fiscal year they want to sell 7 million consoles.
So they have to play with cost, and also be competitive with the price.
Next year or two, there will be units with larger ssds built in.

NEXUS-637d ago

ArchangleMike - what NealGamby wrote was almost verbatim what Mark Cerney explained during the road to PS5 presentation.

Now I don't know you attitude towards Mark Cerney, personally the man is a genius. But one thing about Mark is he doesn't bullshit. He doesn't say something if it isn't worth saying.

Smartest man in the room.

Saijahn36d ago

More storage means a higher price tag.

You want a crazy ssd with insane speed and storage for $499? 😂

Melankolis36d ago

IMO, because Sony prioritized speed (quality) more than capacity (quantity), so they have to cut 1TB to 825GB in PS5. And i think the 512GB additional separated SSD is optional. Rather than "Hey, this is US$230 1TB SSD" they make US$115 512Gb SSD". I think 1 or 2TB will follow eventually.
The only thing i can think why they don't sell 1TB right now is maybe :
1. They think 512GB is more affordable, they want a $100 sweet spot price
2. The cost to make 1TB is higher than 2 x 512GB, at least right now

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IGiveHugs2NakedWomen37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

I think people need to understand that the minimum read speeds for a PS5 compatible M.2 NVMe PCIe 4.0 SSD must meet or exceed 5.5GB/s. Anything under 5.5GB/s will not work.

Bathyj37d ago

It actually needs to be faster than 5.5GB/s. It needs a bit of over head I think because normal success won't have all the priority levels Sony's drive has. Another forward thinking feature people are sleeping on.

Zhipp37d ago

Yeah, I wouldn't but any of these until we get official confirmation from Sony on which drives will be compatible. $115 may be cheap for an NVME, but it's still a lot of money to gamble on something that may or may not work.

TGGJustin36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

I could care less about buying external SSDs for the PS5 or Series X. I'm fine using my 8TB HDD that I've been using on the Pro and One X. To me having 8TB of space is worth the trade off of having to move next gen games back and forth between the drives. It doesn't take that long to move a game that I want to play over. Can always go get something to eat, browse the internet real quick or do something else.

Hellcat202037d ago

500GB isn't much at all
Id rather get a 2 or 4TB once available at whatever price they come out as

Zeeb37d ago

I mean if you have the kind of disposable income that you can drop $1000 on a $400-500 console... Go for it I guess.

Hellcat202037d ago

I don't see it being an issue

jukins36d ago

I def wouldn't spend more than the console itself just in storage. But hey to each his/her own

kayoss36d ago

well people drop more than that for high end pc just to play games.

eddieistheillest37d ago

Just get a gaming PC at that point. You'll be $1500 in just for a console lol

smashman9837d ago

If he's dropping 4-500 on an SSD he probably has a pc.

SamPao37d ago

Well, what kind of logic is that. If you build a pc and want that kind of speed on your ssd you will pay the same price it wont matter...

NEXUS-637d ago

In an xbox article that is a valid option, not in PlayStation or Nintendo article.

Gardenia37d ago

115 for 500GB is not a steal at all. The minimum I need is a 1TB extension and I'm definitely not going to pay half a console price for that.

jznrpg37d ago

This generation SSD literally just released on the market . The price will go down dramatically over time . All new products drop in price . 1TB SSDs to be around 500$ 6-7 years ago . There is going to be good competition to get into PS5 expansion slots and it will drive the price down

RazzerRedux37d ago

Wait until next year for SSD expansion. Seems that with smart phone sales in a slump due to lack of 5G demand, the supply of NAND is high. Prices are going to continue to drop into 2021.

Zeeb37d ago

Reasonable advice... either way prices are likely to drop as time passes. The actual manufacturing cost of a PCIe 3 vs 4 aren't significant after you drop the R&D recoupment period.