PT Silent Hill Inspired ‘Visage’ Gets Release Date on PS4, Xbox One, and PC in New Trailer

SadSquare Studio launched a trailer revealed that their PT Silent Hill inspired horror game, Visage will launch on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC-via Steam on October 30.

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Mr_Luke87d ago

I'm playing it on Steam. For horror lovers, this is a must!

Dark-soul87d ago

this is best silent hill pt clone out of all others

Inverno87d ago

All these PT inspired games missed the point. They focused on the looping hallway rather than focusing on the fact that it was suppose to be a teaser for Silent Hill. Don't think any of the devs inspired by PT bothered trying to make the next Silent Hill game instead

mixelon87d ago

I don’t think that’s missing the point at all.. people loved PT for what it is.. as a stand-alone game - other than its length, it’s very strong.

Making something like another silent hill is a completely different deal and results in a game that’ll appeal to somewhat different players. These first person horror games work so well with VR and have a lot of potential to spread virally. 3rd person games not so much.. I love both approaches but more games like PT is a gooood thing IMO. As long as they bring something new to the table.

curtain_swoosh87d ago

omg this game is scary asf lol played it a while ago

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