First Unboxing of the PS5 DualSense Controller

Certain gaming outlets are getting their hands on the PS5 as well as the peripherals. YouTuber Austin Evans has released an in depth unboxing video with a quick review of the controller.

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RaidenBlack41d ago

"Lets the plug the DualSense controller into an Xbox Series X."
~ yep, that's Austin Evans.

BLizardXD41d ago
and it's exactly bigger than the xbox controller when 50 million PS gamers said the comparison portions were all wrong......

darthv7241d ago

looks like both series and ds are slightly bigger than the ds4.

jukins40d ago

Can you show me 1 instance of this? Should be easy with "50 million ps gamers said...."

sinspirit40d ago

They said it doesn't feel bigger in the hand. They added more roundness in the areas of the DS4 to fit more inside of it while maintaining basically the same feeling of holding the DS4

Mr Pumblechook40d ago

This guy Austin Evans is a chump and this video shows exactly why Sony didn't send him a PlayStation. Throughout he's making jokes a PlayStation consoles and owners' expense, not in a fun way, but in a fanboy way because throughout he doesn't do the same with Xbox. He's mocks how PlayStation owners talk on PSN "I'm gonna teabag ur mom” and breaks the DualSense controller. And if you've watched his coverage of the Xbox Series X, unlike other people who praised its qualities, his praise comes from blind fanboyism. This joke of a video shows him up to be an amateur who became famous because of Unbox Therapy helped him.

Also, I don't understand why an adult man looks and behaves that way.

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ziggurcat41d ago

The video as a whole was fine, the only facepalm-y part was facetiming with his buddy, and trash talking the PS5 the whole time.

darthv7241d ago

yeah that part wasnt very good

Outside_ofthe_Box40d ago

Lol his "buddy" is a rapper named Logic. He isn't a random friend of his. Though I didn't know he wasn't a huge fan of playstation.

darthv7241d ago

It worked though, maybe not fully but I did like how he then tried it on his phone with xcloud and it worked even better.

39d ago
ooquis39d ago

The delusional Xbox fans representing the whole brand is in for yet another rude awakening this generation. It's
not going to result in any awakening......but more delusion.

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SullysCigar41d ago

That's a quality looking piece of kit.

potatoseal41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

This guy is an absolute loser. The video is terrible and annoying.

Hellcat202041d ago

Dude is trash
He doesn't deserve a ps5 accessory or console early

Pricey40d ago

Sticking a monitor on top of the PS4 pro. Don't try this at home...

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