Nintendo 64 Prices are rising, too. Except for these.

Classic game prices have been rising fast across the board. This site has been breaking it down by console, and today we’re looking at N64 games, why they are getting expensive, and which are staying steady.

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Jiub32d ago

Oh, man. Some of those games I still have somewhere. Vigilante 8 was way too cool. So was Quest 64. I know this is about pricing, but that nostalgia...whoo

Minute Man 72131d ago

Vigilante 8 .... time to dust off the 360

roadkillers32d ago

I bought Conker's Bad Fur Day from Family Video for 12.99 used. Once the Rare Collection came out, I sold it for a little over $90. It was a mixture of regret and knowing I wouldn't play it on N64 again.

whateverman32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

The remasters (Conker, Perfect Dark..) are crisp and beautiful visually, but something about the N64 controller and gritty visuals can't be beat.

Knightofelemia32d ago

Pawnshops and thrifts stores are better places to buy games then Ebay sometimes A thrift store by me is ran by little old ladies who price stuff like a Wii console or a PS3 for like $20.

Longie_long32d ago

I think that depends a lot on where you live. Here in Dallas' urban sprawl, most thrift stores are way overpriced. Pawn shops even worse. If you're in a good location, though, you can find some deals!

Knightofelemia32d ago

That is true they only started spiking the prices because of the antiques people buying for like $2 that would be worth like 10 grand. Some Pawnshops do that to the pawnshop I deal with just sells it at a certain price because they want it gone I bought 2 Sega Genesis controllers for $14 for the pair and an N64 controller in decent shape for $10. Like I said the thrift store near me is ran by a bunch of old ladies who don't know anything and I bought a Wii for $10 with everything sensor bar 2 nunchucks power cord.

Jiub32d ago

I used to go into a pawnhshop that had good deals. Then the owner started bringing his son in and I swear it was like all this guy did was research video game and tech prices to make them as much money as possible. I'm not saying that is wrong of them, but it sucked lol

darthv7232d ago

I got rid of my N64 and games a few years ago. I said if I was to get another then it would have to be a special edition and I did. Found a pokemon one for $20 at a thrift store. I'm not going to get into the carts again... I'll go the everdrive route instead.

Inverno31d ago

I really wish I had kept my n64 and GB/A boxes intact as a kid. Would be so awesome if Ninty and Sony would do limited special editions of greatest PS4/Switch hita where they come in the style of N64 and PS1 packaging. Ik that was kinda unrelated but those boxes are nostalgic !

Longie_long31d ago

I held onto my boxes for decades, only getting rid of them in the last five years or so. I was moving and it was just more stuff. Don't know why I didn't just hold onto them a little longer. Threw out Secret of Mana box, Pokemon Yellow, Link to the Past... Ugh!

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