Watch Travis Scott’s new PS5 video

Eric Lempel writes, "Watch a unique video created by Travis to kick off our strategic creative partnership."

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OptimusDK41d ago

Waoo that was like.... OK so what

ApocalypseShadow41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Uhh..interesting...why are the Nike shoe symbols backwards? 3D rap audio? Dual Sense creating a new level of immersion? Huh?

Fishy Fingers41d ago

Travis Scott has his own Nike shoes, they have a backwards tick.

You might be over thinking it, just seems big brands see him as "cool".

ApocalypseShadow41d ago

Didn't know who he was. Too old school rap for him to matter to me. Had to look him up and watch a video after I saw this one. Had an interesting beat and style. The rap made no sense though as he stood in the middle of sheep talking about a white tee.

Guess the new school love it.

-Foxtrot41d ago

Travis Scott?

REALLY Sony...of all the people

Ready4nxtgen41d ago

U mad at Sony for reaching out to all platforms?

-Foxtrot41d ago

Or maybe I just simply thought they could have gotten someone a little better than Travis Scott...a rapper

But sure spin some over the top conspiracies.

It's a waste of money

DaReapa41d ago

"...a rapper"

What the hell does that suppose to mean?

Teflon0241d ago

Fox, clearly you don't like rappers. But he's a guy who's had 3 billboard topping songs this year as well as Sicko mode going crazy as probably the biggest song of its year. He's perfect, it allows his sound to go worldwide and he's one of the big names in NA atm. Why wouldn't they? In what Music Genre do they have an artist as popular as him? Pop or Kpop only. They'd be crazy to pick Kpop over Hip-Hop as they love american music and they love Travis and Pop, who's fitting the bill exactly that wants to do this? No one Travis level. Only non hiphop artist that may is Beiber and CB, doubt they'd go CB because the haters, and Beiber will get hate too

-Foxtrot41d ago

“What the hell does that suppose to mean?”

Out of all the music genres...I don’t really think rap and gaming go together

Remember when Doom had that rap song recently...

Atticus_finch41d ago

"a rapper"
Be brave enough to say what you really mean.

sinspirit41d ago


And, what does he "really mean"???

Also, I think the "..a rapper" comment is pretty dumb. But, explain what you were getting at, please.

41d ago
LucasRuinedChildhood41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

"they could have gotten someone a little better than Travis Scott...a rapper"

Well, I've read his comment multiple times and I've thought long and hard ... my understanding is that Foxtrot has admitted prejudice against Travis Scott based on the fact that he's "...a rapper." I could be wrong though.

Rappers tend to come from a different culture, class, etc than what Foxtrot feels comfortable with. haha. Based on his response to TLOU2, I'm not surprised. Shame, shame, shame.

jivah41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

To be fair. Busta wouldve been a better rapper to work with. Even somebody like Lil wayne as he tends to be have this fun image to him. Kanye even as hes made some fun trippy songs before. Travis Scott doesn't do anything for me. I agree with that sentiment tho. Rock and the many genres underneath it would've went well together. Even some opera or violinist if they made the spot fun and comedic.

sinspirit40d ago


It's prejudice in it's own way to connect that he must have meant something else other than "rapper".

Another class you say? The heck are you on about? You're the one saying those things. "Rappers tend to come from a different culture, class, etc", yeah.. so do many huge musicians. So does the American population. It's diversity. You don't think that other genres are all rich do you?

Some people just don't like rap. Some still think it's got no serious artists these days with meaningful lyrics. This goes for every genre nowadays. Jumping on a prejudice bandwagon is absurd. His comment was ignorant, but so are the ones insinuating prejudice, unless there is a bigger picture from his history.

If you're going to take prejudice seriously then judge it seriously.

Ironic for the name "Atticus Finch".

GamerRN40d ago


Why not a rapper? Microsoft got Snoop!? What's wrong with that...

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gameslayer241141d ago

I mean, he is partnered with Sony Music. I don't care for him, but his popularity in NA is undeniable.

GamingSinceForever41d ago

You sound like a hater. Would you have preferred a rock n roller instead?

whateverman41d ago

No, but it would be cool to see someone who doesn't talk about taking and selling deadly narcotics like it's something to glamorize.

Kabaneri41d ago

Travis Scott doesnt talk about selling drugs, he doesnt even do drugs. He just makes vague references about taking drugs to sound cool. The most vanilla rapper out there.

blackblades41d ago

Why not, what because hes black or being a rapper.

Kabaneri41d ago

Yeah Travis Scott is extremely overrated. He has good beats but thats about it. Like 90% of his fanbase is little girls.

TheProfessional41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

How is a song called "highest in the room" a vague reference, c'mon haha

jukins41d ago

Foxtrot you're really out of touch. Rapping and gaming don't go together? Have you heard the soundtracks of modern games? Especially any sports game.

Or maybe educate yourself and Google rappers and gaming. I dont know what genre of music you're into but hip hop is the trend right now lol. Look at all the marketing deals from McDonald's to shoes to gaming. So ssd to have the whole internet at your fingertips but yet still be so ignorant.

Also a note of caution. This is the internet. You're comment WILL be seen as racist whether you meant it or not. T

_Decadent_Descent40d ago

Sports games barely pass for video games. They're garbage; not a good example.

Palitera40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

ˆ It just gets better. It is like the narrow minded megazord of ignorance coming along.

Muigi41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Open your mind.

DonDon300041d ago

Well at least Travis Scott has a job. Foxtrot is on here 24/7 even before the pandemic. Don't hate on those who work hard and get cool ps5 endorsements. Get a job Fox.

_Decadent_Descent40d ago

The hate really shouldn't be directed at people who take advantage and make some paper. The real reason why talentless hacks like him get big is because of the millions of braindead consumers who gobble this type of shit up.

jukins40d ago

Decadent. . . Juat say you don't like rap. . .how is he talentless hack? You sound real bitter that a rap artist (or is there another reason) is capitalizing on his name. Yall are some really sad individuals. "Don't think like me youre a talentless hack"

Atticus_finch41d ago

Stop hating bro. Go back to your lame music.

Lexreborn241d ago

Remember when MK11 had that rap song to announce its release? Or when Fortnite had that amazing rap concert that did crazy numbers? It’s cool if you want to bury your head in one genre and think it’s the best. But, that’s not how the world works

smashman9840d ago

MK X as well. Something tells me foxtrot's tastes are as closed as his mind. He's been this way for as long as I can remember.

1nsomniac41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Who the hell is Travis Scott & why is he seemingly important to anyone???

S2Killinit41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Lol right? People have become toxic, so they take little snide swipes at each other and even when they arent, others think they are, because thats where we are now. Shitty people riled everybody up to do and think the worst to and about each other.

We all need a Bob Marley figure right about now.

blackblades41d ago

Hes more important then you that's for sure. The younger black community likes him. Let Sony handle there on business of why they have him promote it.

SpeedDemon41d ago

Hes a crappy rapper that is or was dating Kylie Jenner (Another talentless celebrity) So he gets more attention than he deserves.

RedDevils41d ago

Yeah I was wondering the same thing. Is he another one of those mumble rap, who I hard time understand what he trying to say cause they can't rap for shit.

S2Killinit41d ago

Oh well I guess my comment was not welcome here. I will take my bow. Have fun fighting.

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PrinceAli41d ago

Fox "Out of all the music genres...I don’t really think rap and gaming go together" This is LITERALLY one of the stupidest takes i've EVER read in my entire gaming life looool!!! Gaming and Rap have literally been hand in hand since the 90's... Rap/hip hop music was one of the first to incorporate gaming into it's demographic as well as culture. You CLEARLY dont know what you're talking about and it ABSOLUTELY shows... ¬__¬

Knightofelemia41d ago

It's better then using 6ix9ine

Manubiggs41d ago

Based on his success with fortnite ....and the fortnite demographic...yes, Travis Scott

Sayai jin40d ago

Not too mention, that rap is the most popular genre in the world. Rap, rock, classical, etc all can blend well with gaming trailers, commercial, etc.

Free your mind....

Gamerking8240d ago

I agree, fed up of all these gangster wannabe rappers these days.

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TGGJustin41d ago

I really hope Sony didn't spend a bunch of money on this that could've been better spent on making new games or getting new studios.

NEXUS-641d ago

Yes - because if there's one problem Sony has is their lack of top tier studios and GOTY contenders /s

TGGJustin38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Look I'll be the first one to tell you that Sony has some of the best first-party content out there. But they have 13 studios to Microsoft's 24 now. Microsoft had like 5-6 a few years ago. I'd rather see Sony invest in getting more studios as well before Microsoft buys more of them up. Better that then wasting money on a rapper.

NEXUS-637d ago

TGG - Your'e missing the point - Sony doesn't need anyone's concern regrading 1st party output, they've lifted the standards of the industry almost single handed.

Check your concern at the door and start pushing the correct narrative that one of the worlds largest corporation is releasing a next gen console with no 1st party exclusives. That's a genuine fact - not a random concern that has no substance.

GamingSinceForever41d ago

You sound ignorant. See waht Nexus-6 said.

Manubiggs41d ago

Product lines tend to have marketing budgets which are seperate from game dev budgets. If Travis Scott success with fortnite is an indicator, a significant demographic would respond positively to this ad, hence the allocation of funds where they expect an ROI.

TGGJustin38d ago

I would argue that most of that demographic is already playing on PlayStation though so what does this bring? Sony already has a huge presence. I don't see them needing a rapper to build a bigger audience.