Gaijin Games to Run at 4K/[email protected] on Xbox Series X/S with RT & VRS; DirectML Support Being Explored

Gaijin Entertainment confirmed that War Thunder, Enlisted and Cuisine Royale will run at [email protected] on Xbox Series X ([email protected] on Series S) with support for ray tracing and Variable Rate Shading. DirectML support for Xbox Series X/S is being explored, while DX12 Ultimate features will land on the PC versions next year.

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Cybermario41d ago

cool i guess, i just want good and fun games.

Imp0ssibl341d ago

Cuisine Royale is actually pretty fun. It's also free so check it out

Babadook741d ago (Edited 41d ago )

It’s strange that Microsoft (or Sony) hasn’t said much about direct ML upsampling. I know series x has the hardware to do it.

darthv7241d ago

I thought the S does as well?

TheLastRun41d ago

DirectML upsampling is Microsoft's technology.

CertifiedGamer41d ago

DirectML is just Microsoft way of doing DLSS

Babadook741d ago

But ML upsampling isn’t.

marison40d ago

DirectML could be used for a lot of things besides DSSL like upsampling. They could use it to better animations transitions, better enemy AIs, create dialog on the fly using GPT-3 Microsoft licensed, physics and to apply ray tracing to a great area without the need to throw more rays. I think it's an excellent thing they already working with this tech.

41d ago