GTA 3 and GTA Vice City are Being Ported to PS Vita (Unofficially)

GTA 3 and Vice City are being ported to PS Vita - and they're looking great.

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Profchaos31d ago

That's fantastic news I always wondered why Rockstar never made an official port despite the game coming to android and iOS it seemed like a perfect platform.

Fist4achin31d ago

It is cool news because I still rock my vita, but it seems a little late by now.

Profchaos31d ago

Yeah it is and I admit I haven't powered up my vita for about a year now but the homebrew community is giving me a real reason to jailbreak it lately. GTA, left for dead, half life
If San Andreas launches in its original state I'm sold.

Sony support really dried up years ago for me I brought my console to really get into remote play which now runs better on mobile and AAA portable games like killzone haven't been made for years now which is heartbreaking as I loved my Vita

Inverno31d ago

Been keeping an eye on this for like a week. Modded my VITA like a month ago, and it's amazing what more this lil device is actually capable of. They even got Mario64 running natively on, and it runs solid

FallenAngel198431d ago

PS2 Classics should’ve been made available on PSV