Call of Duty's New Zombies Onslaught Mode will be a 1-Year PlayStation Exclusive

A new Call of Duty Zombies Onslaught game mode has been announced for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, but don't celebrate just yet — this new co-op game mode will be exclusive to PS4 and PS5 for the first year.

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lelo2play39d ago

Shitty move from Sony and Activision... but like it or not, it's business. Consumers get screwed, platform holder gets a boost.

Consumers can vote with their wallets... don't purchase the game. Let it die.

SamPao39d ago

Actually consumers get it eitherway.

mafiahajeri39d ago

Xbox started this exclusive COD shit way back in the 360 days, fight fire with fire. I think its a smart move from Sony.

Aussieguy39d ago

So when Microsoft bought Bethesda, thats not a shitty move is it ? Big companies try and get one over eachother in all sorts of ways, its the only way they get you to buy their product.

seanpitt2339d ago (Edited 39d ago )

There is no way Microsoft will pay 7.5 Billion and put Bethesda games on ps5 let’s face the facts all Bethesda games going forward apart from that ps5 launch title, will be Xbox and pc exclusive Yeah it will be a shitty move but Xbox need to do this for them to shift Xbox’s, me personally I think Bethesda gone down hill big time so it’s not bothered me at all

Michiel198939d ago

@Mafia Sony started it with ff7, if you are gonna go that route......

1Victor39d ago

😂 lelo Microsoft did it all last gen and it was OK Sony does it this time and its anti consumer. It’s is the industry the developers always choose the strongest sale console and offer the exclusive content to them first, it happened before and will continue to happen as long as people get it first or fast

Zeeb39d ago

Sony your so evil you bought a timed exclusivity deal for a year, hey Microsoft why don't you buy whole studios to keep games off PlayStation forever...

The hypocrisy never ends with you guys.

Teflon0239d ago


Bruh. You don't want to have this conversation lmao. Bout Sony started it with FFVII are you 10? This started in the 360 era. You know how gears became an Xbox Game? MS paid to keep it off PlayStation as it was epic Games that initially made the series and they intended on a PlayStation release. So they bought a deal to keep it off PlayStation the whole 360 gen. Then Gears was going to end up coming to PS4 and MS bought the series IP off Epic. But let's pretend Sony's the issue.
That Rise of Tomb Raider a damn iconic series on PS didn't get this treatment for the entire game not just a mode. That the same didn't happen for eternal Sonata, Tales of Vesperia, Star Ocean 4 CoD on 360 etc.
Where does FFVII come in this? Because if you're talking OG that only ended up on PS because it couldn't work on cartridges and they stuck with PS after that. That had nothing to do with Sony. Same with alot of games. CDs were just beneficial and the system sales.

Atleast everyone gets the game to play the year unlike Rise of Tomb Raider where the actual fanbase was screwed for a year lol

DarXyde39d ago

I agree that this is a really bad move. Exclusives are ok, but I take issue with the long timed exclusive content on multiplatform games. It's just bad practice and only serves to piss people off.

Granted, I'm a Playstation gamer and I'm skipping Xbox next generation—I don't even play Call of Duty—but this is genuinely disappointing. I really don't like this apparent bidding war happening going into next generation. Sony is buying timed exclusive content, Microsoft is out here buying huge multiplatform studios. Where is this generation going? It's just getting started and it's already looking very bittersweet if you're on one console.

zypher39d ago


If you're talking about FFVII in '97 and not the Remake, then no, that was the result of Nintendo sticking with cartridges when everyone (including Square) wanted optical media since it had higher storage capacity and was cheaper to produce

Sprucegoose7738d ago

Hmmm. Funny I have a PS5 on the way. Think I will be fine!

Imalwaysright38d ago


"That Rise of Tomb Raider a damn iconic series on PS"

You forgot to mention as to how and why it became associated with the playstation brand but worry not as I will show you why with the following link so as you can see, MS was just taking a page from Sony's book when they started paying for exclusive content.

brrdatisback38d ago

lmfao how is this not acceptable but microsoft buying whole 3rd party publishers is? stop crying.

Extermin8or3_37d ago

@Michiel1989 no they didn't. Ff7 was exclusive to the ps1 because it needed the new disc format they were utilising and wouldn't have worked had it been using the game carts other companies were still using.

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GamerRN39d ago

I feel like both fanboy camps are super biased. Whenever their respective team does it they say they are just fighting back, and if the other team does it they are corrupt monsters...

Listen, I think it's all fair in love and war. If Sony wants to buy exclusives, and Microsoft wants to buy companies, it's all fair. This is how the game has always worked. People shouldn't try to belittle Sony for buying exclusives, and people shouldn't try to insult Microsoft for buying developers.

Let's all be adults and buy the systems we want and play the games we like.

SullysCigar39d ago

While I agree with your sentiment here, it always makes me laugh when you call out the fanboys lol

GamerRN39d ago


I'm not a fanboy. I have a preference because I like the ecosystem, but I like both systems for what they are. For me it's a controller preference, and online experience, and I'm also a graphics whore! I was all about PlayStation 1 and 2. I was a HUGE DreamCast fan! 2K sports were the shit back then. I even bought an Atari Jaguar thinking it would be graphically impressive. Spoiler, it wasn't.

I stayed with Xbox One this generation because I invested heavily in the 360 era. But I still bought a launch PS4 and Pro, and a One X when it released also. I used to build gaming PCs but honestly I lost a lot of PC friends so that kind of died out. Plus the rig was too much to maintain and stay relevant.

So I'm glad it makes you laugh, since your screen name is a clear indication of which fanboy you are, however I don't blindly defend a side, therefore I'm not a fanboy. I'll admit when Microsoft screws up, and I still admit that despite this launch lineup not showcasing it, Sony has the better first party games. Halo and Gears are stale as fuck, and the shooter genre can't be rolled into new IPs like they did with Uncharted/Last of Us. Microsoft buying Bethesda could very well change that, but Sony has almost locked down the 3rd Person Story Action Adventure game which I love.

SullysCigar39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

^ I'm sorry, I read the first sentence and couldn't see the rest for laughing!

Zeeb39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

That's all fine and dandy except Microsoft is trying to eliminate competition. They are the reason the "console war" exists from day one of the xbox they said there goal was to bring down Sony. They are the ones who constantly throw fuel on the fire, and it's even worse because you have Phil saying we don't one to be part of the console war then in the very next sentence talking down Sony.

My number one hope is that if the government actually gets tough on mega corps and monopolies that they force Microsoft to split their hardware divisions (xbox) from their software divisions (windows).

They have WAY to much of an unfair advantage.

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Gamist2dot039d ago

Damn... just like Survivor Mode.

Kabaneri39d ago

Which is mediocre and nobody plays....

aconnellan38d ago

So timed exclusivity for game modes is a waste of publisher money?

BioShockGX39d ago

Damn they know how to steal the audience.

Rude-ro39d ago

Steal 😂😂😂
I have a very strong suspicion that this being the second time is not what made them the market leader of home consoles.
I am not sure, but you never know.

GamerRN39d ago

Now if they had Warzone as exclusive, that would be a big deal....

With this, I don't think it's all that big of a deal anymore. But it's still a great grab

Bronbron9239d ago

Yeh possibly but then again call of duty zombies have always had a pretty big cult following within the cod community

1nsomniac39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

I only own a PlayStation but got to admit that’s a pretty shitty move!

If you paid the same amount of money for the game as I did then you deserve to play the same content. Blocking certain people is a pretty scummy thing to do.

1Victor39d ago

@1nsomniac don’t worry by the time it’s released on the other console they’ll have another pack/mode/dlc and add that for free 🤷🏿It’s the way for as long as I can remember

ziggurcat39d ago

If it's free content, then Xbox users will get it free in a year's time, so the price of the game is the same for the same content.

1nsomniac38d ago

... you can try and spin it that way but it doesn’t alter the fact that both people paid the same but one is intentionally blocked from the content for 12 months. Therefor in no way has the same content as the other.

Personally I don’t really care, it doesn’t effect me. Doesn’t stop it from being a very shady business practice and an all round scummy move.

ziggurcat38d ago

It's not spinning it at all - if the content ends up being free when it releases on Xbox, then you're not getting less content for the same amount of money.

GottaBjimmyb38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Cod is a yearly release... the next game would be out and the old basically irrelevant by then, it is basically removing the mode for non-sony platforms. Definitely a spin to say you are still getting the same value for the money.

ziggurcat38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

"Cod is a yearly release..."

Irrelevant. The content is still making its way to Xbox.

galmi38d ago

"It's not spinning it at all - if the content ends up being free when it releases on Xbox, then you're not getting less content for the same amount of money."

The content isn't free cuz you paid for it bro

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