PS5 and Xbox Series X GPU Gap Doesn’t Really Have a Development Impact – DiRT 5 Dev

In the next-gen race, while the PS5 boasts its blazingly fast SSD, the Xbox Series X touts other advantages, chief among them being its GPU, which at 12 teraflops, outmatches the PS5’s 10.28 teraflops of GPU power, at least as far as pure numbers are concerned.

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Neonridr38d ago

at the end of the day both systems are going to be extremely comparable. Visually and Functionally.

SullysCigar38d ago

Yup, it doesn't do these systems justice to simply compare GPU and call a 'winner'. There's much more to it than that, as we're beginning to see.

bella654538d ago

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ConsoleAgnostic38d ago

What about comparing CPUs also??? Haha I kid, both systems will be great! Now I just wish I could pre-order it damn PS5 😭

Babadook738d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Not a very helpful article as usual form Gaming Bolt. CPU's could be a bigger factor for development, but this gen its not a factor at all as this gen the CPU's are nearly identical. The only overall big difference this gen is the I/O (PS5 being nearly 3x the speed) but even that (in the case of Dirt 5) would only amount to better load times. Other games could make good use of that I/O though.

CaptainHenry91638d ago

Except for the First party exclusives

BrettAwesome38d ago

True. Those will look better on PS5

ZeroBlue237d ago

@Brett Don't know why you're getting downvoted, this is obviously true.

Neonridr35d ago

yep, I was strictly speaking more on the hardware side of things. Naturally the better 1st party studios can do more with what they have.

gamer780438d ago

we are too early on in this generation to really accurately guage this.

GamerRN38d ago

The sad part is they stated that it means less tweaks and optimizations for "one machine". So in another words they won't bother tweaking or optimizing Xbox since it's powerful enough to push through bad code, and instead they will optimize PS5 to match it...

Imagine if they optimized BOTH! Maybe used the extra power to increase graphic fidelity instead of using it to be lazy.

tombfan38d ago

GamerRN shouldn't be worried about the top consoles... Series S is where the optimization money will be, also, don't worry about it, you won't be the one optimizing things, let companies do it, you sleep with ease.

BrettAwesome38d ago

No. It's because the PS5 is easier to code for

Profchaos38d ago

I'm glad Sony invested more in its overall experience things like the duelsense and VR will make it a better experience

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medman38d ago

The proof is in the pudding.

SullysCigar38d ago

I got your reference, that guy's forever saying that lol

blacktiger38d ago

what's wrong, truth hurts?

BrettAwesome38d ago

Wichard would have said "pwoof"

ZeroBlue238d ago

It always is. It's almost like tflops is not an accurate metric for performance.

cannon880038d ago

The reason teraflops don't tell the whole story is simply because the equation only consists of stream processor count and the clock frequency. Nothing else is included in the equation. 10 plus years ago graphics cards were much more simple and didn't have a whole lot of added hardware features, so perhaps the equation worked better back then, but now they are jam packed with all kinds of custom hardware that the equation doesn't take into consideration; for example: vram amount, memory bandwidth, ray tracing, variable rate shading/primitive shaders, etc. The list goes on and on.

DarXyde38d ago


If you want a practical example, Stadia has more TF than PS5, but you're definitely not going to see comparisons working in Stadia's favor.

Cockney38d ago

Says the developer whose game has been ridiculed for its lack of next-gen appeal

chrisoadamson38d ago

Vy average next gen game by all accounts

Profchaos38d ago

Yeah but at least they have handled both systems even if Microsoft wants you to forget that dirt 5 is a multiplatform game

S2Killinit38d ago

Doesnt make his statement untrue. Certainly would know more than you and I about the matter.

Bender650238d ago

Except possibly for more stable framerates, but we will see.

RickRoland38d ago

If you're concerned about frame rate stability for PS5 vs Xbox Series X....then RIP to the Series S immediately. There won't be any real Multiplatform differences here,

shabz66638d ago

I would reckon series s would be even better at performance since it would be handling lesser resolutions

Software_Lover38d ago

Eh, the series S will perform comparatively but at lower resolutions.

zacfoldor38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Besides, resolution, there is also frame rate and details(or image quality). I think you're right. Simply adjusting frame rate and resolution may be enough to overcome the delta, but we are talking a big delta. Also, there may be some headroom(or lackthereof) left one way or the other after scaling the res/frame rate, that would also require adjustments to the image quality.

Best way to think of it is probably shadows. Turning high quality shadows into low quality shadows may net some FPS(or a resolution bump) because the resources are split between all three. So resolution affects fps affects details. To imply that only resolution or fps will be touched when scaling games on XSS is not something I would expect to be the case, but we will know for sure when games launch on it. Maybe it even has headroom to turn the details UP a little, and just lower the resolution, but that isn't something I can guess, and I would imagine it is case by case.

IMHO, the XSS is not my favorite deal in tech. I'll go with the XSX.

Profchaos38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Series s will be the biggest downfall of this generation. I predict games running under 30 fps at sub 1080 resolution in a few years time as games advance again.

Remember the X1 and PS4 were often pushed to 1080p 60fps in 2013 and in 2020 it's more 900 or 720 resolutions and frequently games failing to hit a locked 30 that original X1 which I own yeesh that's seen better days

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Shane Kim38d ago

Dont think that 1.72 tflops will make a huge difference. Could be wrong though.

Eidolon38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

That's an entire base PS4 at GCN flops. This would be more like 2TF for RDNA2. He said it wouldn't matter developmentally and gameplay wise, but if they optimize to what they can deliver, the graphical advantage would lean towards a console.

Minute Man 72138d ago

The 0.5 TFs made a difference between PS4 / Xbox One. Own both systems and multiplats look and run better on PS4

RangerWalk26738d ago

Sony's 10 flops is at MAXIMUM load. They can't and won't push it that hard for very long.

RazzerRedux38d ago

"Sony's 10 flops is at MAXIMUM load. "

XSX's 12 TF is at "maximum load" as well. That is what a teraflop is.

"They can't and won't push it that hard for very long."

You are making shit up.

Shane Kim38d ago


You are confusing it with the cpu.

S2Killinit38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

@minute man & Eidolon
Have you heard about the law of diminished return? If PS4 got the better exclusives despite the xbox one x hardware, imagine how it will go this generation.

Minute Man 72135d ago


Sure, Doom & RDR2 all look and run better on base PS4 with a 0.5 TF difference..

Same games looks and runs better on the X1X vs Pro

Keep moving the goal post

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Father__Merrin38d ago

The ballpark was always the same only fanboys thought otherwise.... One will have an edge here and the other will have an edge there, differences will be mute 🔕 it will all depend on AAA games