Should Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War have skill-based matchmaking in unranked play?

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is exciting for numerous reasons, including the long-awaited return of Zombies and a Black Ops story, plus Treyarch back at the helm of multiplayer. However, there is one aspect of the upcoming Call of Duty game that has tempered some expectations and that is skill-based matchmaking.

If you dove into the recent open beta for Black Ops Cold War or you read someone’s impressions of it, you are likely to have heard of the controversial feature.

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onemanwolfp4kv2826d ago

have SBMM in ranked/competitive game modes and leave it out of unranked lobbies. would that make the majority of the fans happy?

DaMist825d ago

I think this is a good compromise, it only makes sense for unranked to be a casual setting.

Teflon02824d ago

It's a iffy topic because some high tier players will go there to maul the lobby, spawn trap ruin the game for others tryharding. I do think it's not always fun to have to play your skill level. But I do think they should just broaden it more when playing unranked, not ignore it completely. Worse thing for new players is not being able to move from spawn because some ass knows all spawn locations and you just so happened to be on a team of noobs vs a bunch of high tier friends who decided lets play unranked today