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darthv7238d ago

I know amazon is probably working on their own but it would be cool if they added xcloud support to their firestick.

roadkillers38d ago

Surprised this isnt on Roku... Definitely not difficult, must have to do with licensing or fees

porkChop37d ago

Amazon actually announced their own. It's called Luna.

aragon37d ago

They said they didn’t want modified versions of android running xcloud but that’s probably the market they should go after. Android boxes. Shields , firetv. It would be good if u didn’t have to use shitty versions on there. They should just give the go ahead id love to try it on my fire stick.

NeoGamer23236d ago

I want this app available on every Windows, Android, and iOS device. Personally, I have Firestick, but I want to be able to play anywhere that has good internet access. This past generation I bought a console for every TV I have in my home. This next generation I am looking at only buying one or two consoles and streaming with the rest of the TVs. I hope that I can do that. But MS has to add to GamePass a benefit that if you own a game you can stream it as well.

optimus36d ago

but you can stream games you own right now. microsoft separated that feature from xcloud and is now a separate can sideload it on your firestick and take it anywhere.

NeoGamer23236d ago

I agree but having it conveniently in the store is much nicer then sideloading.

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Ratchet7538d ago

This is so cool.
When xcloud will have every gamepass available, there won't be any need for me to buy an Xbox at all.
Thanx Microsoft.

aragon37d ago

That’s the part I don’t like they are thinking about tiers of gamepass doesn’t sound like a promising feature or future but that’s just my opinion.

Rocosaurus37d ago

Yes, streaming is the future.

curtain_swoosh37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

true, the distant future. we're not ready for mainstream game-streaming yet

NeoGamer23237d ago

Maybe once 5G is everywhere and more people have 1 Gbps internet but right now cloud streaming is just for people who either can't afford a full console or as a secondary way to play.

Sayai jin37d ago

You will still be buying into the MS/Xbox ecosystem....

RedDevils37d ago

Not if they want you to buy their xbox sx. Now it just make lesser and lesser sense to buy an xbox at all. Xbox will soon official closed down it console and turn to a service in the future.

gamer780437d ago

For you maybe. But for core gamers cloud gaming is only a supplement not the primary way to game.

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King_Noctis37d ago

I would definitely get this if it was real and fairly priced.