PS5 Box Contains Instruction On Transferring Data From PS4, Box Contents Listed

Sony has started to send PS5 consoles to the press for preview and review purposes. Images show the content of the boxes and more.

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Hellcat202038d ago

Send it to me already so I can start reading for myself

SullysCigar38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Not long now... but at the same time, too flipping long!

darthv7238d ago

I've already cleared some space on either side of my tv for both of these power houses.

ziggurcat38d ago

Yeah, it's not a lot of time left, but it's going to feel like it's dragging on just because of the anticipation.

@darth - I still need to do some measurements for my PS5. I *think* there's enough room, but it might be a little tight.

37d ago
jznrpg37d ago

I won’t read a thing ! I’ll set up whatever it requires then my internet and log in to PSN skip all tutorials and put Demons Souls in right away and play ASAP!

TheEroica37d ago

Lol... If you want to play demon souls so bad just boot up your ps3 dude!

isarai38d ago

I hope the embargo lift isn't too far off

Neonridr38d ago

nice that I can plug in my PS5, hook it up to the same network and then transfer it that way.

MetroidFREAK2138d ago

Good. I still need to beat every PS4 game I own 🤣😅 Very excited to jump into next gen

Storm2338d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Question to my tech guys or girls...To transfer over Wifi, would that use any data? I am capped at 100gigs a month, and definitely cannot transfer my PS4 stuff to my PS5 if that would use my network data. I don't see how it could have anything to do with my internet provider but I am not positive. I know I can use an external drive but I am just wondering in case I have to steer clear of the 1st option for sure. Thanks!

Also, when it comes to running PS4 games off of the external HD, is there a certain minimum speed I need to make sure I get to successfully run the games off the external HD? I will be ordering one soon and want to make sure I get a good one for this purpose... (Also brand to aim for?)

Many thanks in advance. You rock whoever you are.

mattkelly199138d ago

I mean it technically wouldn't have to if it was done properly.

mcz38d ago

If you're transferring data from the PS4 directly to the PS5 on the same network you shouldn't be using any data of your ISP. Unless the PS5 downloads some trophy information or save games from the cloud you should be ok. And to be safe you can always unplug the ethernet cable from your wireless router.

NEXUS-638d ago

Storm23 - Just use the cable supplied to transfer data, external drives can be any speed - they didn't say otherwise.

Only PS4 games can be ran off external, PS5 games can be stored and transferred over.

I'd stay away from Seagate, I've only ever had trouble with them. Best bet would be a Western Digital Black.

Good luck.

Storm2338d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Cool. Will go with WD. Thanks

darthv7238d ago

I use 4tb seagate game drives on both the ps4 and xbo and never had a problem. I've even replaced the internal stock seagate 1tb in my pro with a 2tb firecuda and never had a problem. Not to say there cant be problems as Ive had plenty with WD over the years but to each their own.

Storm2338d ago

Thanks guys. Really appreciate it. Great idea on unplugging the ethernet when transferring to make sure. And I checked into the speeds of the HD in the PS4 and PS4 Pro and it seems like it will be no problem getting drives faster than that. (I was just thinking that playing PS4 games off the drive it should be at least as fast. Glad pretty much all drives now are faster than those. And yeah, PS5 games will be on the SSD or just stored on the external. All good there).

Happy gaming everyone.

boing137d ago

Your cap is safe. It's going through local network.

Storm2337d ago

Cool. What I thought but I am technically challenged...

Charlieboy33337d ago

I would think it's the same as when you cast a video from your phone to the tv on the same wifi data used

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