Ubisoft Paid Over 1m For a Trailer From Goodbye Kansas Studios

Bublar Group has announced that its subsidiary Goodbye Kansas Studios has signed an agreement to produce a game trailer for Ubisoft. The order will net Goodbye Kansas Studios about SEK 11 million, or about $1.25 million USD.

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phoenixwing32d ago

My bet is on cgi for beyond evil sequel

Nitrowolf232d ago (Edited 32d ago )

This here is why companies complain about low pricing of games and pack MT

They overspend on marketing when someone could have easily wiped it up. He we've seen fans make trailers better than a lot of companies. And with the internet existing, marketing should be super easy.

1 Million on a trailer and that could have gone into the development or something better

phoenixwing32d ago

I agree it is a big waste of money considering nowadays the gameplay is good enough. I hope it's not a marketing trailer but a story trailer for the game and they're using the term trailer liberally (probably not though)

SegaGamer32d ago

"They overspend on marketing"

Been saying this for years. The amount that goes on marketing just seems way over the top.

RaidenBlack32d ago

If it ain't for Sam Fisher. Then ... Goodbye,

RememberThe35732d ago

They still have BGE in the tuck, we need to see more front that for sure.

Lighter932d ago

They need to get their head out of their ass. They could spend that money on making the next AC game more than half a piece of crap.

psychosmurf10132d ago

Imagine paying an additional 1 million that could have just gone to hard working developers, areas of the project that needed to be beefed up, and overall development. Let word of mouth sell your great game. Look at Witcher 3! CD Projekt Red is worth more than EA now because they respect their customers and develop for greatness and not a gross profit margin being their primary driver.

Pandamobile32d ago

It's kind of a weird flex to bring up CDPR when their Cyberpunk 77 CG trailer from 2012 lit the gaming scene on fire and started an 8 year hype train.

If you don't understand the value of trailers to generate buzz and hype, then you're clearly missing something lol.

psychosmurf10131d ago

My point was that CDPR sells more stuff because of their quality not because they pump trailers. Trailers for Witcher and Cyberpunk are not reason how I found out about the game or got me interested. But that is also only my point of view.

TechRaptor31d ago

CDPR has hired this very firm before - the Keanu Reeves trailer for him in-game was done for them - and one imagines that wasn't cheap.

CDPR also spent about 1 to 1 on marketing, including trailers, to Witcher 3 development costs.

I love CDPR games, but marketing is an actual expense and is something they've credited for how well Witcher 3 sold in part