It's The End Of The Year. Where Are You, Elden Ring?

It's nearly the end of 2020 and as the Halloween decorations go up and Christmas lists get filled, we're stuck here wondering: where are you, Elden Ring?

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Slimdavey572d ago

Good read. Whenever there's a new games event announced I think is this the time we get more info but I'm always disappointed. I don't believe what some say that it's never gonna come out but really wish From soft would tell us more. My most anticipated game!

Furesis572d ago

They might have revealed this game a bit too early. I'm still excited to see what it's going to be like. The waiting is slowly draining my hype tho. I need a gameplay trailer soon to refill my hype meter again lol

anast572d ago

The dragons are coming, I promise.

qalpha572d ago

Along with Winter. Except for many of us, we've been waiting for Winter for 10 years and still there is nothing.

Rambokind572d ago

It's obviously delayed. We'll get some Sekiro stuff soon and who knows, maybe a dlc?

GreatSako2020572d ago

The game was announced too early. The team just released Sekiro when ER was announced. Expect a footage on TGA with a follow-up around Summer and probably a holiday or early 2022 release. I predict this to be a March 2022 release

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