Bethesda Facing $100m Suit for Allegedly Sabotaging Rune 2

Sony take note. Acquisitions come with both benefits, and pitfalls. In taking control ZeniMax Media, Microsoft got its mitts on the incredible, innumerable IP found in the sprawling toy-box of this inimitable publisher. This of course includes Bethesda Softworks. Once beloved creator of the popular Fallout series, but crucially the sculptors of the incredible Elder Scrolls Universe. Sounds pretty good right? Well, following an amendment to a suit filed by Ragnarok Games, the $7.5b price tag might not tell the whole picture.

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BlackTar18740d ago

They'll be right at home at MS

bella654540d ago

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scofios40d ago

So much for keeping bethesda games exclusive now. lol

TheLastRun39d ago

This is like pocket change for Microsoft

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Zeeb39d ago

The irony here is Bethesda is the industry leader in frivolous lawsuits are the ones violating the laws to benefit themselves.

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NEXUS-640d ago

Zenimax/Bethesda behaving badly - say it ain't so. Who saw that coming? /s

Software_Lover40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

Why does Sony have to take note? Acquisitions happen all of the time in all aspects of business outside of video games. There are always risks and rewards.


Olly_S40d ago

I guess everyone was in awe of how amazing the acquisition was (and it is), and speculating on who don’t should acquire. I was just making exactly that point - mergers and acquisitions can sometimes have a downside, exactly as you say.

Zeeb39d ago

It's a warning that Microsoft and Bethesda will probably try to cripple any games that end up on Sony platforms made by Bethesda.

shammgod40d ago

Typical zeni/Beth scumbaggery

Chevalier40d ago

Didn't realize till I read this. Wow what a bunch of scumbags.

Zeeb39d ago

They have been doing shady deals and creating shady lawsuits for years. Zenimax was formed by a pair of shady lawyers.

Darkborn39d ago

It was obvious they were always scumbags. Look at how they "port" games to playstation consoles. It's like 3 devs spending an afternoon porting a game over that they developed on the Xbox for the past 5 years.

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The story is too old to be commented.