Top 10 Horror Video Games of the 2000s

Christian writes: "The sequel to Hey Poor Player's rankings list of the best horror games of the three decades, the following are our the top horror games list of the 2000s."

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P_Bomb38d ago

Three Castlevania games? Leave some room for the Suffering!

dead_pixels38d ago

I'll be the first to admit The Suffering deserves a spot. Christian miiiight be a bit of a Castlevania fanboy at heart (I can't blame him, though). If it were my list, I absolutely would've included it.

Xristo38d ago

You may be able to squeeze Manhunt somewhere on this list.

psuedo38d ago

Definitely missing Manhunt, The Suffering, and Siren.

balth34d ago

The best thing about Left 4 Dead is to purposely join a hardcore match where a group is trying to get the achievement for completing that chapter on hardcore, then betray them just before the last safe room.

I got some real juicy hate messages on the 360. Good times.