Fire Emblem's Limited Time Launch Is Part of a Worrying Trend For Nintendo

After the success of 3D All-Stars, this new trend is starting to feel uneasy.

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CrimsonWing6934d ago

What’s more disturbing is how it’s impossible to get one of these. I am fortunate to work at an office and between doing work and periodically refreshing a site apparently it sold out within minutes.

Like just give people a 24 hour window to pre-order and then make stick according to the pre-order numbers. It’s really annoying to fans who want this only to end up having to go to eBay for scalpers.

Nintendo is so annoying.

-Foxtrot34d ago

I can’t even see it appear on UK sites at the moment

Although seeing it’s another timed limited release makes it harder to support

whateverman34d ago

Great idea. Announce these things a little bit in advance and have a set window for orders. Manufacture the amount that are paid = everyone happy.

MetroidFREAK2134d ago

Limited digital games... This is getting pathetic

SegaGamer34d ago

Nintendo being anti consumer again.......their fans don't care though. If it's any other company, Nintendo fans would be strongly against it, but when it's Nintendo themselves doing it, they don't care much.

CDbiggen34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

I couldn't be less interested in that, looks so dated. It should be free on the NES Switch Online collection.
If Nintendo wants to fleece these scalpers and idiot collectors with that awful Game and Watch, this collectors thing, and whatever else, they should do it. But absolutely no way should Mario 3D All Stars be timed & hopefully not future mainstream titles most people care about.
They remade Fire Emblem Shadows of Valentina for 3DS, they should've done Marth the same justice.

Riku0734d ago

This game is remade on the original Nintendo DS though.

Ratty34d ago

Nintendo get so many free passes that it defies all reason. If Microsoft or Sony tried half of their crap there would be a never-ending shitstorm. But with Nintendo it's all right. I'm not sure exactly why. Because they made games a lot of people loved when they were young? Because they make family-friendly games therefore they're "good guys" ?

I wonder what would happen if you had like three different colored Halo games all full priced all releasing at the same time each with their own pre-installed DLC but same base game.

Or if Sony sold action figures that unlocked features already present in games?

Or better yet if they sold limited edition digital games.

badz14933d ago

Remember the Nintendo online got havked and many accounts compromised and their data stolen? Me neither. They got away with EVERYTHING!