Godfall Devs on Loot, Progression, and Making 'The Tinkerer's Dream'

However you choose to play, Counterplay is hoping to make a loot system that respects your time, lets you experiment with new builds easily, and always look cool while playing.

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SyntheticForm34d ago

Small gripe, but why do they have to use the same color/rarity system as every other game? Just a simple change to a minor system like that would lead players to believe that this truly is new.

RpgSama34d ago

This is easy to understand for people that already played those other games I would guess.

SyntheticForm34d ago

But it also says to people who are wary of Destiny clones that this game me be along those lines, which I would personally want to avoid as a creator.

But, I'm not the devs. Huge deal? No. You're arguing that it's familiar good. I'm arguing familiar bad.

34d ago
W1ldWolf33d ago

I want to like this game and get interested but I just can't, so generic looking... look, here is a big shiny room to fight in with your shiny man dog. ok