Immortals: Fenyx Rising Could Be 2020’s Hidden Gem – Hands-On Preview | Glitched

Glitched writes: "Immortals Fenyx Rising delivers a robust combat system, a gorgeous open world and approachable RPG mechanics that anyone can pick up and play"

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CrimsonWing6937d ago

I think I'm the only one that thinks this game doesn't look all that great. Like, I'm trying really hard to see what all the hubbub is about, but it looks like an indie version of Breath of the Wild... and well, I mean BotW was ok, but I didn't enjoy it all as much as a traditional Zelda game.

zacfoldor37d ago

Yeah, there are really two camps on BotW. Those who think BotW is a GoaT and those who didn't really enjoy it that much or think it sucks for one reason or another. It think it is really great, personally, so I am very interested in this.

That said, it isn't impossible that they maybe tried to improve or tweak the formula a bit with this game. It could still potentially appeal to those who may not have liked BotW. I plan to keep an eye on the metacritic.

SDuck37d ago

it's just a cartoon version of AC Odyssey and it's coming out close to the release of Odyssey's "sequel", Valhalla so there's no reason to pick this one up

Hellcat202037d ago

I'm glad I don't think like you do

Immortals is day one ps5

SDuck37d ago

Hope you enjoy it. It certainly seems like a funny pick. Just not for me.

zacfoldor37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

I'm not sure about that. I thought it was supposed to be closer to BotW than AC Odyssey?

SDuck37d ago

nope. It has the same exact controls and mechanics that Odyssey. It's from the same team that made that game and it's the original vision they had for the AC game before the higher ups said no

DefaultComment36d ago

no you doofus, it's a new game with similar mechanics adopted from Assassin's Creed Odyssey and elements of Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild.

DefaultComment36d ago

I will when it comes, But you don't criticize what you don't know.

Xristo36d ago

Watch the 8 min combat video by Boomstick Gaming. I would say It's more like Darksiders.

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zacfoldor37d ago

I'm interested. Hope it's good.

Nodoze37d ago

So this is Assassin's Creed Odyssey with a different color scheme.