Ghost of Tsushima: Legends Raid Is Coming Very Soon; New Patch Rolling Out Today

The developers over at Sucker Punch Productions published a new blog post that that goes over new weekly challenges, Raid mode, and a new patch that’s rolling out today.

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S2Killinit39d ago

Look like this was a huge success all around.

LiViNgLeGaCY39d ago

I think so, yeah. There's a TON of people playing this!

ArchangelMike39d ago

Yeah, I'm absolutely loving it.

I love to switch match-making off and try to Solo Legends. I can't get through Silver, but damn I love the challenge of trying.

Shadowsteal39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

Destiny cost several hundred dollars to get the full experience which pales in comparison from what I've seen so far offered by Legends for free.

It's really cool to see Sony is having its developers add unique multiplayer components to its traditional single-player lineup. Can't wait for Factions as well.

Abnor_Mal39d ago

I guess this is Sony answer of sorts to the people that say Sony doesn't have any multiplayer modes to their games. Maybe this will be a thing going forward, where feasible of course.

Shadowsteal39d ago

Yes also a very good point. On that note, I'm glad it's not just tacked on multiplayer and actually makes sense and is different from the other multiplayer experienced out there.

Imagine a Ghost of Tsushima battle Royale lol

godofboobees39d ago

Just got done doing a silver coop story and....boi!!! This shit can get frustrating but extremely enjoyed every second of it. Bring on the raid!

victorMaje39d ago

I loved the single player & am loving the multiplayer.
My 2020 GOTY.

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