Detroit: Become Human PC Collectors’ Edition Revealed

This looks like a must own for fans and collectors. Today Quantic Dream S.A announced the worldwide release of the Detroit: Become Human PC Collectors’ Edition, which features a suite of collectibles for fans of the award-winning video game. Available at an SRP of $349.99 USD.

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RazzerRedux834d ago

Pretty cool looking, but $350? Not that cool looking.

Garethvk834d ago

Do you want an Xbox Series S or 3/4 of an Xbox Series X or a PS5.

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Tech5834d ago

looks interesting but these things never seem to drop in price. which sucks.
if it was $200 cheaper....

mastershredder834d ago

Limited to 2,500. I’m surprised to learn they had that many fans let alone expect that many to buy it. (It’s not too late, we can help you break this trend). ;)

Let’s be honest. A vert, very small percentile give F about quantic dream and their dramatic night time soap opera games. This box set exposes what a willing shell of a human you are upon purchase.

It reeks of seller entitlement. And considering current real-world conditions it makes QD look like well... not a good look guys

Applejack834d ago

I’m trying to read in between the lines here. Are you basically saying it’s overpriced?

Garethvk834d ago

Yes and that it is inappropriate in a time when so many are out of work or financially burdened.

MatrixxGT834d ago know these games just aren’t for you and guess what? Thanks Ok.

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toyzombie834d ago

Its a little steep but its pretty cool. It has led lights and it actually rotates.

Garethvk833d ago

They just sent a new picture and told us to use that instead of the one they sent yesterday.